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  1. Could I please get all the new years sequences? thanks! mariaandbrandon3@gmail.com
  2. I've got the beautiful stille nacht(silent night) from Mannheim Steamroller. What's the email if you'd like it.
  3. That's simple.. Mute the audio that was recorded with your video. Then add the audio file over the video corresponding with the timing of the video.
  4. I too live in a busy neighborhood, but still nobody stops. I feel that it could be because I have only 16 channels. I don't see why that matters to the regular viewer.
  5. Glad to hear the positive comments! Thanks guys!
  6. Two nights ago my first LOR show had started. I had people slow down a bit to see what was going on, but no one has actually stopped to tune in. I understand its not thanksgiving yet and hope that afterwards people will be more interested as well as word of mouth. What was your first show like? Were your first few days/weeks slow?
  7. Mines live as we speak, though I have two more channels I need to add to the display(they don't effect the show/sequencing.)
  8. Received, I'll be using deck the halls. Still would like a 16 ch sugar plum fairies if anyone has it. If anyone has christmas with a capital C I'd like that as well!!
  9. Hello guys! Got my display up and running, but most of it is only TSO. To add variety i'd like to have Mannheim as well. If anyone could share deck the halls and sugar plum fairies it'd be greatly appreciated. My email is mariaandbrandon3@gmail.com
  10. Well I've discovered if plugged in before powering the pc and transmitter it doesn't create the lag. I've never downloaded software to enhance sound, but maybe it's built into windows 7?
  11. The laptop lags when trying to move the mouse around, though the wound and sequence plays correctly
  12. I'm in Dallas as well and was hoping we could avoid weather issues until lights go down!
  13. When I plug the audio cable in to my laptop it slows it down quiet a bit.
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