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  1. one is one season old they other i tested but never used on a show
  2. i have 2 ctbd 40 amp controllers forsale 150 each both in great condition and work great. price is for controller only. no enclosure no dangles
  3. yes it is without the enclosures. the enclosures are metal and heavy pointless to send with the controller is far more expensive to ship them than buy them from a hardware store. 4 sold 2 left
  4. Ok after talking with a couple people i have decided to break them up sos 150. each plus shipping.
  5. actually yes it is and i had not done my resurch. i appoligize seeing the actual pricess which i should have done before but i looked at a couple people selling them my mistake then i'll let them go at 150 each=900 as im not out to take anyone i simply will not have the use for them for a few years.
  6. I have 6 40 amp ctb16d controllers 4 of which are 2 seasons old. the other 2 i bought last season and never used all work like new. i would like to sell them as a group in which i will include the software and advanced liscence key. controllers will come with no case it costs less to buy cases then to ship them.mounted in the cases. i will lieve pasted as a group for a few days if no offers i will break them up without the software. price wise im thinking 225 each= 1350$ plus shipping. Thanx Donnie
  7. i live on the street a block from christmas on the pecos people come from all over the world to see the river shows and i take serious heat frome the city. for traffic issues in front of the house. but on the other end of the spectrum i enjoy doing this and most people enjoy the show.so bahumbug let the traffic jams begin.now wheres my b.b gun to shoot out that dastily street light.:cool:
  8. gotta love it ive been hard at the channel adding myself. just sos i can get started on the new songs. :shock:
  9. I will jump on the band wagon for white and blue's if there are some still left.:shock:
  10. i like it as is but if your looking for something on the same road check this out. im having 2 built for poles ive built. its deeply etched glass with rgb edge lighting.
  11. Ty i enjoy sequencing. its hard on your hair though.
  12. Awsome job you have a wonderfull 1st year display grats
  13. Welcome to the family there is plenty of good people here to help you along your way to lighting "fanatisismn" if ya need help or just a chat dont hesitate in askin.:cool:
  14. its a ferris wheel. i ordered all 3 of them online several years ago. if you live in windy country like me. i would rethink buying them. the wind plays havoc on them and i spend more time repairing them then what they are worth.:?
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