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  1. Yea, there is a scroll bar, and the log will last forever if it's just reporting on songs. But it reports on interactive trigger activations too, which I'm getting hundreds of an hour at points. During peak time tonight, it only lasted for 15 minutes before clearing.
  2. I know I'm one of the few still using 2.9.4, but is there a way to extend the status log? It only saves a small number of activities... I would love to be able to see how many times my interactive tree is triggered in a night, but the log is not anywhere near long enough to handle 15 minutes of activity, let alone a night. And, if you can't do it in 2.9.4, is it longer in more current versions of LOR?
  3. What the heck are they? Icicles? 300ct in a 19' strand is like 3/4" spacing! (In any case... price + shipping comes to like $2.50 per 100, which is the same WalMart gets for incan strings full retail. Just some friendly guidance - I'd suggest Craigslist or some other local marketplace because shipping costs are going to make it not make any sense to buy incans online)
  4. I didn't want plugs on my arches, so I just spliced SPT in between the beginning of the light strings and the plug, and ran the SPT down the arch under the lights (so, obviously, start at the end and work your way back - emphasis on obviously - because I know someone very well who got 2 sections in before realizing he was going in the wrong order! haha). I keep my controllers within a couple feel of the arches, but with as light a load as that is, 20-40 feet will be no problem - You're likely good beyond 100' if you really wanted with that light a load.
  5. I saw a post over on Facebook LOR Users of another display with lights. The comments identified the lights as "Clay Paky Sharpys and Martin Mac IIIs " - I googled prices, holy cow, that's a "need to win the lottery" investment for me. Post link: Pic link:
  6. I use the "Shopping" template. Don't really care for their new Pages layout... not as good for our use as the old layout.
  7. I cut out styrofoam and covered it in white duct tape for stability, stuck some spare rod up them and hit them with a couple low power LED floods from Lowes. Put them out by the road... they're on their first season but so far holding up great.
  8. or, for a little different style: http://www.christmaslightshow.com/mini-strobe-light.html Many, many options out there.
  9. I had an unusual one this year too. One of my channels turns on for about 2 minutes like a blown triac, then turns back off ofr about 2 minutes (show running or not, doesn't matter.) Used to blown triacs (had 3 of my ~200 go bad this year, that seems about average), never seen one act like this before. Not really an answer, but apparently, it happens.
  10. You're describing issues I had in my display which was a bad network port on a CTB16PC controller last year. Whenever a certain controller was plugged into the network, everything would slowly degrade - channels running on the wrong box, channels flickering quickly, channels missing commands entirely. I burned up a DIO8RLY channel when it went into a flicker while troubleshooting. Once the offending controller was removed, everything operated normally. Start eliminating controllers from the end of your daisy chain. Process of elimination, if you're having the same issues I was, you'll find the offender.
  11. 20' Tall, walk-in, controllable tree. At one point it logged 135 triggers in a 25 minute period. Kids are LOVING pushing the buttons and making the tree change color, spin, and strobe. Plus, they're INSIDE a 20' mega tree. By far the biggest hit of the year. Works using an LOR InputPup and a pair of 16-channel controllers.
  12. Well, see, back 30-some years ago, my parents had to come up with something...
  13. Nice! Are those the 50W LOR floods, or another type of RGB flood? I've been thinking about adding floods to my effects, but havn't bit the bullet yet. You're right in the middle of some of the prominent west end displays it looks like, I'll definitely be stopping by at some point to check them out.
  14. Eh, don't worry about it. I have to ask - do you meet the 40k requirement? Just looking at your FB page pics of this year, the "lack of density" makes it look like less... Maybe that's what they see? It's still very pretty, and I can't even tell what the sequencing looks like because they're just stills. I'm sure that adds a lot of "WOW!" to it. In any case, don't worry about it, people will still see it and enjoy it. Keep growing! -Signed, someone just too far outside of Richmond to be on the tour.
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