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  1. In regards to issue 1(the new pumpkins on the lawn with 5050 RGB's). One solution for next year might be Seasonal Entertainment's Rainbow spotlights. As seen on the thread "RGB Lawn Stakes using Rainbow Spotlights" in the My Christmas Display section. (I don't know how to link it to this reply. Sorry) It is a very similair setup. Just change the giant bulbs with pumpkins. The spotlights might be brighter than the 5050's. I'm not sure as I have not seen them side by side. Rich
  2. Awesome display! Eagerly awaiting the videos. I'm curious, do the straw bales kill the grass where they are sitting or do you support them off the ground somehow? If so, what do you use to support them? Rich
  3. I use the spiral dog tie-out stake to guy wire my 15 foot mega tree. They look like a giant corkscrew with a triangle shaped loop on top. You can find them at Lowes or Home Depot near the chain area. They run about $4.00 each.
  4. I placed an order for 4 controllers on 10-7-11 just after 4:00pm est. I received a confirmation that they were shipped this morning (10-12-11). They are scheduled to arrive on Monday 10-17-11. The shipping out is even faster than I thought it would be. Good Luck, Rich
  5. Thanks for the chance to play. Great job with the video. Rich
  6. Please count me in as a "reply". I don't say much but can't pass this one up.
  7. I have split my network twice without a problem. For my 2010 setup I use a usb 485b at the computer. Then run a 30ft phone line to the first controller. From the first controller I run two Cat5 cables out. One to controller 2 then 3. A second Cat5 cable to controller 8. At controller 8, I plug a phone cable into the second Cat5 socket(the phone socket is only for input signal). The phone cable then plugs into controller 9 phone socket. From controller 9, I plug in two more Cat5 cables. One goes to controllers 11 then 12. The second cable goes to controllers 10,7,6,4, then 5 in series.
  8. I purchased 12 strobes (c7 socket size) from AL last year (2009) and they flashed ~3 times per second. I just received my order of 36 strobes (c7 socket size) from AL this year and these only flash 1 per second. I know they ran out during the holidays and it looks like their new batch is the slower flashing type. :{
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