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  1. I'm just the opposite. I see my lights flashing and in a couple of seconds I know what song it is without a radio on.
  2. That is what they all say!!!!
  3. Sorry about the delay in responding. It is an animation file. it was actually a test file I was making to test the lights before show time for christmas. Thank you for answering.
  4. Report Number:JD01 Module: SequenceEditor Software Version: 4.0.38 Pro OS Version: Windows 7 Ultimate Description: When modifing a sequence file with multiple tracks (i have 10 total tracks) and try to shorten the total time from 10 minutes to 4 minutes, the editor does not reduce the other tracks at the same time. It can however be done manually to each track. Repeatability: At first I tried to save and the program locked up. After I completed shortening all tracks it would save normally. Thank you for your time. Jeffrey Davis jldavis955@comcast.net
  5. Thank you all, Those are the answers I was looking to confirm.
  6. This question if for BOB, I currently am licenced for 3.12.* advanced level. I also want to upgrade to S4. I would like to add superstar as I am using pixel strings and dumb nodes on DMX. So the question is, Do I upgrade to superstar and that covers the S4 upgrade, or do I need to do both. I'm having a hard time understanding the layout for the upgrade from the wording in the importantant announcements thread. I think others would like to know a simplified answer too. Thanks in advance.
  7. You said that you NIC is set to Correct? And your J1sys is set to Correct? Try setting the J1sys to and see what happens.
  8. I have this sound file and many others. PM me if interested.
  9. As a Jimmy John's sign says "There is a very fine line between a "Hobby" and "Mental Illness" Which are you? I would say I am at the line, and about to step over it!
  10. Max, Nevermind, I was getting them backwards. The pins are from left to right: Left outer : GND Left Inner : CLK Right inner : DATA Right outer : V+
  11. You got the + and the Gnd reversed. I am looking at my board right now. if you look at the imprint under 1-2 or 4-4.
  12. Welcome to the ADDICTION!!!
  13. I still have 9 deer in the yard, I can get them out but do I really want to NO!
  14. The software usually does not go on sale.
  15. Thanks k6ccc, That gives me a reason to keep them now. They are 4 port w a 5th port for the internet. but they are easy to dumb down.
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