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  1. Well James, please add me to the beggers list I just finished modifying the faces from Robert to fit my channels and am looking for the sequence for the rest of the lights, time slipped up on me bob@adamsfam5.com
  2. Just curious if anyone has sequenced faces for the Uptown Funk song from Bruno Mars?
  3. FYI, your Taylor Swift link still takes you to youtube even though it's displaying vimeo.
  4. There is a fire effect in Nutcracker.. that would be my guess.
  5. Yeah, I don't remember which kind of car it was, but the radio had a rewind capability. I'm assuming it buffers up so you can rewind and FF as needed. But since none of my cars are newer then 2003, I don't know how prevelant it is
  6. Downside to doing that Kevin is the delay uploading it to the Internet. I'm even having issue using FM transmitter at christmas, because newer cars have digital radios and it adds just enough delay to make the show out of sync. I use outside 'rock' speakers (like you get from best buy) on Halloween AND do the xmitter. That way people close to the house can hear it, and people on the road can crank up the tunes from their car.
  7. Looks Great Kneel!! Long time no chat! I kept thinking I would do that this year.. but with work and daughters car having to be rebuilt, I just didn't have programming time this year... oh well.. .
  8. Don't know if you saw my previous post, but I'm doing a quote reply to hopefully ping you on it. I'm running 3.10.14 advanced. I've tried multiple versions just to make sure. Do you use Java or flash? I was wondering if I should reload those?
  9. I have attached a pic of what I see. If I select Copy and Paste from the edit menu it works fine. If I try to add a keyboard shortcut, it give that object error.
  10. I keep getting this error when I try to use any keystrokes like copy/paste etc. I've tried looking at keyboard shortcuts, and the page is blank. I've completely uninstalled LOR...run the cleanup tool and re-install and re-registered it, but no help. I've attached a screenshot of the error.
  11. Hmmm... odd.. Well, I'll try doing things with it offline and online. It's the same laptop I always use for my sequencing. I have one I use for work that I take back and forth and do most of my sequencing on. I have a separate laptop for my show computer. This is also the same computer you helped me with the other day that was having save issues that was fixed with 3.10.2 beta. I'll try to do some detailed testing and let you know my findings. Thanks for responding.
  12. I've noticed an issue that occurs occasionally. I have a fully registered advanced version (currently the 3.10.2 beta) on my system. This weekend I went to a cabin with no Internet. Was going to work on my RGB sequences. When I started LOR, it said I wasn't registered! Tried a bunch of stuff, but obviously couldn't re-enter my registration info because I had no Internet. Today when I was at home and connected to the Internet, I started the sequence editor...but it didn't give me any error. This leads me to believe that LOR 'checks in' occasionally? I hope not, my show computer won't be
  13. YES!!!! 3.10.2 DOES save without issue! Technicall... what changed?
  14. Googled it, even ran filemon (well processmon looking at file writes). What's odd is, it keeps saying the create is sucessfull, but then follows up immediately with a query directory and a "name not found".
  15. No more suggestions? Ugh.... guess it's time to backup/burndown and reload the system. I have a new system, but it only has a 128GB SSD.. this one has a 500GB with only 200GB Free... not enough room for all the LOR stuff but seriously, has NO one else run into this? No LOR guru has an idea why it won't save?
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