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  1. I play porky pigs "that's all folks" 3 times and turn off each channel one at a time. It makes it look like someone is turning off each light switch.
  2. I have my sign set to 50% brightness and will blink it to full on for the first few seconds then back to 50% at the start of each song.
  3. Here is a video of my jack in the box. It's activated when people pus h the button https://www.facebook.com/218363661695111/videos/428640334000775/
  4. I use a IP camera and then give my family the IP address and password so they can log in and watch anytime they want.
  5. I had 4 bad CCR controllers due to a bad network cable. I ordered the replacements and they sent me the controllers and the CCR.
  6. jlarson

    need help!

    Check the directions from this web page http://www.sandevices.com/
  7. I paint my controllers so they look like they are part of the display
  8. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Light-O-Rama for the great job they do. But it's really sad when people see things on Facebook and think everything is true. It's also sad that people will post items there just to stur the pot. LOR is a great company with a great product and they try to treat everyone fair. Keep up the Great work LOR.
  9. This was posted on Facebook about the memberships.
  10. I am there. Still trying to talk the other half into it.
  11. Here is a facebook link to lights on display. If you look thru his videos he has made a Santa and reindeer that move. https://www.facebook.com/ChristmasLightsEtc/photos/a.464898972912.240078.24900572912/10152620139117913/?type=1
  12. My show starts Thanksgiving. The next day is used to fix all the problems I did not catch during testing.
  13. The CCR's are connected and I can control the lights. They just go the wrong direction.
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