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  1. Hi everyone, I hope you are all keeping well and having fun putting up your displays, I am usually in Florida for Christmas and have built up a nice size LOR display utilising a number of CTB16D's and CCP's. Due to the wonderful condition the World is in right now we are not going to be able to get out to Florida but the fun doesn't have to stop. I have had all my controllers + pixels shipped over and going to attempt to decorate our home here in the UK. I have not shipped over any of the lights that run off the CTB16D's as they are all 110V only. I would like to get my hands
  2. When you are on the Start Screen (no need to click anywhere) just start typing the word Light, after a few seconds you should see a list of all of the Light O Rama applications. Right click on each one and select Pin to Start. They will then appear on the main start screen where you can drag them to re-arrange. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi Don, Yes my email had been flagged in the spam as well (My email is hosted with Office 365) I have added it to my safe senders list now and placed my order. Thank you, Jamie.
  4. Can't wait have been refreshing this page and email all day.
  5. I am another vote for Team Viewer, I have my Surface Pro with me across the laptop and Team Viewer straight in to my Show PC for modifications as I sit and watch.
  6. Superb job on the video and review, I have ordered four sets of these, can't wait to integrate them this year with my show.
  7. Excellent job, looking great so far, I haven't looked at using an E682 in much depth yet, does it 'plugin' to the Light-O-Rama network / software easily?
  8. I used to use a drill but had problems regulating the speed. Now I do it the old fashioned way and either attach one end to a tree and twist, or ask a dear family member to hold one end while I twist.
  9. Incredible job, absolutely love Holiday wishes and to see it with the lights was brilliant.
  10. I wish you the best of luck in finding them, I had the exact same globe as you and both motors burned out two years ago, eventually I managed to contact Gemmy about a replacement motor but it was more expensive for each of them than getting a brand new complete unit off of ebay was.
  11. I would love to see it but You Tube tells me it is not available due to copyright.
  12. Glad you have managed to get another machine up and running, it is strange that you have issues with that version as I was using that on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 last year. Do you know if you are running the 32Bit or 64Bit version of Windows?
  13. Wow, sorry to hear about this, I am surprised your breaker did not trip.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there, hope you have a lovely day and are preparing for your 2011 Christmas shows.
  15. Spot on! Thanks very much for that, placing an order now.
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