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  1. This is why I have my sequencing computer in the basement, far away from everyone else! But my wife says the same thing when I’m working on music for a client (I do arranging and orchestrating as part of my “real” job) and I’m tweaking a section. It drives her crazy!
  2. I don’t remember who posted it, but to deal with lack of randomness, they put the strobes on 2 or 3 separate channels and staggered when they turned on. That got the random strobe effect they were looking for. I have not tried this myself, but it sounds like it should work!
  3. To add another question, is it 3 seconds exactly, or does the length of delay change during the song?
  4. Are you noticing the delay on your car radio? Some cars have a built in delay. There is nothing wrong with the radio transmitter or your show, just certain cars seem to build in a buffer for the radio signal.
  5. Orville, I'm curious to find out where you got your cables. I buy lots of Cat5 cables from Lowes, and even though they look like they are molded on, with a bit of wiggling, they slide right down the wire and out of the way! I'm not trying to pick a fight with you, just genuinely curious if there is a different way of making "pre-fab" cables that preclude sliding the boots out of the way.
  6. I’ve made my own cables as well, but usually just resort to premade cables. It’s pretty easy to slide the boots off the plug so it’s no longer in the way. No need to cut off, and then when you need to coil the cable for storage, slide the boot back on the connector, and it protects the tab from being broken off.
  7. I do this exact thing with pumpkins that have c7 bulbs in them. I created a background sequence using four channels and it works like a charm. Remember that people can’t focus on every pumpkin at the same time, so you don’t need a lot of circuits to make it look really good.
  8. Elation just released an outdoor rated moving head, but I would expect they will be pretty pricy. As GRG said, pretty much any moving light needs some sort of protection.
  9. How old is your computer? For a number of years I was running my show on a very old Win XP machine. All ran well until one night the show started sloooowing down. A lot. Everything stayed synced but the songs were slower, to the point that my show was running 5 minutes longer, due to hardware failure of the computer. Hopefully a reboot prevents the issue from reoccurring.
  10. I don't believe you actually stated if this was the case, but is this happening only for loud sections? A possibility is that with the advent of digital audio, peaking of the files (if you were looking at an audio meter) sounds terrible when played back. When you converted your files in Audacity to a constant rate MP3, are you sure you didn't accidentally bump the volume or add an effect that would push things into the red? Newer songs are mastered with so little head-room that just "sweetening" something with a touch of reverb could push you too high. If the file is peaking, it won't matter how soft you have volume settings, it'll still sound bad.
  11. Same here! Just started the first show of the season...minus a few props that are being rebuilt this weekend, we're off!
  12. It’s still blowing like crazy here with the worst of it coming tomorrow. I just got home from a holiday jaunt with the family and when I last looked outside, everything is still standing. I’ll check again in the morning, and hopefully when I get home from work in the evening, we’ll be good to go with soft opening.
  13. I guess I'm late to the party! I started set up today, and unless something crazy happens, I'll finish tomorrow. I will probably soft open tomorrow night, and go live officially Thanksgiving night or Friday night, depending on if I have any issues!
  14. Right there with you guys. I just put up my spiral tree (it looked like today was the only nice day for the next few weeks) and they are calling for gusts of 40 mph. According to physics everything should be fine, but we all know how that works out!
  15. To be honest, I don't truly understand all the nuances of setting everything in the servodog. When I designed my Halloween bird last year, I remember tweaking range of motion for the servos, but I don't think I messed with anything else. The servodog has been rock solid for me, so I would suggest getting into the servodog utility and taking some time to make sure everything is set correctly. There are a lot of settings, and it's pretty easy to miss something. But the good news is that you made progress getting the servos to move! I never thought about the kind of servo, I just grabbed some off of Amazon and off I went! I'm happy to help if I can, so keep plugging away, and we'll get it figured out eventually!
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