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  1. Glad someone else got to experience this pain before me.. I did the update tonight/this morning and had the same error, had to uninstall and reinstall and it looks to be working good so far.
  2. Ok, do you use incadescent lights or leds?
  3. I can give you a picture of the 8 channel controller I dont havethe 16 at home they are still in storage at our church but I can say that they are the version 1 board that i soldered. The only reason I am selling them is to help offset new display item costs. These are such robust controllers I hate to get rid of any but ive decided to add some pixels so..
  4. I have 3 CTB16PC controllers up for sale. Asking $175 plus $18 shipping, also have a CTB08 controller for sale asking $125 for it.
  5. which pixel controllers are these?
  6. Do you still have the 8 channel boards?? Also what voltage is the 24 dumb rgb wired for? 12?
  7. I have tons of incandescent lights I really need to move/sell. I have about 150 sets of clear on green wire, similar count in multi and an assortment of color strands on green wire and an assortment of color strands on white wire. Along with various icicle light strands. I am only asking for $.25 a set. Thats a quarter a deal you cant even get in stores anymore. Buyer to also pay shipping. If you buy a large quantity we can work an even better deal I just need these gone please!!
  8. Thanks, I could have and should have checked there myself, sorry I did not was used to the old email method I guess since it's been a while since I've purchased an upgrade and renewed.
  9. I purchased an upgrade to get me from S3 advanced to current version pro , got an email confirming and thanking me for my order but no link to download the latest software version atleast in S4, am I missing something here??
  10. That makes sense since BIOS would have the CMOS battery to keep time as long as it wasn't bad and time was set correctly. will give this a shot and see what happens, thanks guys!
  11. Where would I access that? I was thinking control panel but control panel on my win7 pc is not showing a scheduler?
  12. I want to start out by saying I really hope this question does not pose as me being completely ignorant as I dont feel that I am just once again would like feedback/recommendations from others on this idea.. I have for the past several years ( about 12 or so) ran my LOR sequences on a dedicated pc that I considered my show pc. I have had to update/upgrade this show pc a time or 2 but it still has worked great for me. However this year I am thinking it would be great if I could run my show on a pc that was not drawing so much power by being on 24/7 through december. I have/am looking at attempt
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