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  1. Hardware wise, your show computer should have the ability to have two video outputs..one for your monitor and one for your projector. Here is a old post that covers most of the basics: http://forums.lightorama.com/topic/40966-lor-video-projection-setup/?tab=comments#comment-378735
  2. Thanks for the reply Jim. Unfortunately the errors are random so it is not in the sequencing. The only thing that is somewhat constant, is that it seems to happen in slower sequences where I ramp my incandescent bulbs.
  3. Thanks. I count 2747 channels (programmed in my sequences) on the network. I am running at 500k enhanced, so I should be OK on that. I separated the line cords and network cable as much as possible and plugged in a 120 resistor on the last controller in that network to terminate it. Unfortunately, I still still have one of the CMB-24D firing all its channels white when it is not supposed to. Any other suggestions on what to try next? Could it be the RS-485-HS?
  4. I get how to calculate the count, but I thought I found here or from LOR the magic number of channels that could be controlled on a 500K ELOR network. I can’t seem to find that number anymore.
  5. What is the recommended count? I thought I was OK...I do only use 8 of the 16 ports on the Pixie16 and I only use 50 pixels per port.
  6. Thanks JR and Ducks for your help so far.. I have an update on the symptoms....I have three networks...Reg (COM3), Aux A(COM4), and Aux B(COM5). All symptoms are on Aux A(COM4) network.I have 13 controllers on that network. 6 CCR, 2 LOR1602, 3 CMB-24D 1 Pixie16 and 1Pixie4Our show went live 12/1. For the most part things ran fine during the 3 - 20 minute shows. However on one occasion 5 channels on one of the CMB-24D controllers turned on white when it was not supposed to. On another occasion, that CMB-24D had one channel turned on white and the other had 4 channels turn on white. On one occasion one channel on one of the LOR1602 went to 100% when it should have been 50%. On one occasion one port on the Pixie4 glowed orange when it should have been off. Finally on one occasion a different port on the Pixie4 seemed to get stuck on during a sequence. All of these happened at different times during the show and different songs except the CMB-24D and the glowing port on the Pixie4 happened during the same song. I also saw the random blinking pixel happen a few times during the shows. During yesterday’s show this is what happened during the same song as the last clip I have changed out the Pixie4 board as well as replacing the Cat5 cable to and from the Pixie4 controller in an effort to solve this problem. I know it is not in sequencing since I have not modified the sequences since last year when they were working fine and I have run one of songs again through the sequence editor with different random channels turning on. I am looking for suggestions on what to look at next. Should I be chasing the CAT5 Cabling/connections or the power?
  7. I am using the same sequences from last year that ran fine, so there should not be any errant sequencing. I am using Holiday Coro 12 V pixels and power supply. I will check the green plug when I can get at it. (It’s on our garage roof)
  8. It’s been raining all day, so the only thing I have was do was to switch the strings. It did not follow the string. I still ran my show tonight and noticed that there were other channels on the same network that came on when they were not supposed to. This makes me think that it might be in the network cabling. Ducks, what do you mean by Termination? I just have the network cable plugged into the last controller. Is there something else I could do?
  9. JR, Are you referring to the connection at Port 1 on the board? I will have to wait until the morning to check it. Any ideas as to why the computer being on or off would change the activity of that pixel?
  10. Already checked this. The box is not checked in the HU. Also, the blinking continues well after that option should stop..in excess of 15 minutes after turning off the computer and the timing between blinks is not consistent as it would be if it were the indicator.
  11. I have a Pixie4 on a network with other controllers. It is set to unit ID 88. I have 50 pixels on all four ports. With the computer off, the first pixel on the string attached to the first port (88) will blink red randomly. It may be 10 seconds it may be 30 seconds. All other pixels on the that port and the others (89,8A,8B) remain off. It will continue in this fashion until I turn on the computer. When the computer is on, I have LOR in the system tray, but the schedule is not enabled. When the computer is on, the pixel will not blink...at least not for the 5 minutes that I was staring at it. If I turn the computer off, the blinking returns. I have made sure that the First Pixel as Indicator box is unchecked in the config. (I know that this is supposed to only last for a minute and be white, but I figured I would check it anyway.) When I run sequences through the sequence editor, everything runs fine. Any ideas on what would cause this? Thanks, Todd
  12. What does each show consist of? Is your pre- show one 45 minute sequence? If it is, and you have it scheduled from 5 to 6, the sequence repeats at 5:45. Even though you have your full show scheduled to start at 6, LOR will not interrupt a sequence that is running. It will wait until that sequence is over before it starts the next show.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I have a Pixie4 that I use the waterproof dongles on. When I had time to inspect things today, I noticed that one of the rubber washers was not seated right. When I opened the connection, there was water inside. The female connector inside was dirty and looked like it a had some corrosion on it. I removed the dongle for now and plugged the network connection directly into the board. (The connection on the cable looked fine). Been running the show for 4+ hours now with no issues so far. Hopefully that was the issue. Note to self...make sure the waterproof connections are waterproof when you connect them. 🤪 A little more time setting up will save you 3 hours of troubleshooting later. Live and learn.😀
  14. I have three networks for my display Reg, Aux A, and Aux B. Things have been running fine for a week. Then last night I come home to find that none of my lights on my Reg network are on. I start troubleshooting and find that the display on on the first controller on that net work, an LOR1602W, reads no connection. I run a new network cable. No change. I replace the controller, with the new cable and things are back to normal. I wake up this morning and he light are out again. I little while later, they’re on again...then off...then on. The timing seems intermittent. Curious, I check my security cameras and come to find that starting at 5:45 last night(when my show starts), the intermittent on/off was happening all the time. Our “fix” lasted about 2.5 hour last night before it started again. The “blinking” happened more regularly at first then the lights were off from 10:00 til 1:00 am (When I turn all lights off for the night.) Then this morning they were off for a while before the on/off started again, then went back to off. Would it be possible that another network cable between controllers is causing this type of issue?
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