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  1. Try removing all power to the board and shorting all 3 TRIAC leads for the problem channel together with a jumper.... Then power back up.
  2. Edited post to change plumbers silicone grease to dielectric silicone grease....
  3. Cover the plug ends in dielectric silicone grease and do not wipe off.
  4. Just better hope is doesn't play upside down, then you really have a problem......... Bernie
  5. My bad, I didn't read all of the posts. Duh... Bernie
  6. You can still fire at will ! Take a 6 volt DC wall wart and connect it to a 5-6 volt relay coil (connect a reverse biased diode across relay coil). Then connect relay contacts into manual fog control jack on back of fog machine. Next plug wall wart into LOR channel (AC controller). Program LOR channel at 100% for On...... etc. etc. Works great! Been doing this a few years now with no problems. Bernie
  7. bgwyn, talk to Ray Wu at Aliexpress, maybe he can give some specs on that fire machine or give you a alternate gas that you can use. www.aliexpress.com/store/701799 Bernie
  8. I would definately ground from house outlet to each controller if the box is metal. It's only one extra wire. Better safe than dead. Bernie
  9. Fantastic work Farmer. How many ribbons are you using for your whole set-up??? Those are two of my favorite christmas songs. Looks really nice.. Merry Christmas, Bernie
  10. Hello all, I thought I would chime in on this and suggest a servo signal booster. You can make your own alot cheaper than what they sell them for at hobby stores. Go to this article http://www.servocity.com/html/boosted_servo_extensions.html and they explain why you might be getting servo chatter. Note : Place booster between extension wire and servo wire. In other words as close to the servo as possible.
  11. Oh yea! almost forgot about the good ole summer sale. It's almost summer again.
  12. Praying for your full recovery. Take care. Bernie
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