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  1. Yes I still have several boards for sale Let me know what you need Rob
  2. I make all of my own cords for my Pixel's and use 18/3 cording. 2500 Ft. with no problems. just make sure you water proof everything. Rob
  3. Still have plenty of equipment . Let me know. Rob
  4. I ordered mine direct from China last year right after the Chinese new year and got great deals. 10K of lights. Rob
  5. I don't have a LOR 10W flood to try it to. PM me and I can send u a text with Pics Rob
  6. I have a bunch of 4 wire pigtails that I got from Ray Wu that I'm selling. I had them made to 18" long. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/10-pairs-4-Core-White-Waterproof-cable-45cm-long-each-male-and-female/701799_532156471.html?spm=2114.12010612.0.0.7c41914dd72sLI Rob
  7. Plenty Items left. Can ship Fast. Never hurts to have a spare or two. Throw me offers, The worst I can say is No, But you never know. Rob
  8. This Year We took the big leap to Pixels. 7674 Pixel lights controlled by 6 LOR PixCon16 boards. One Mega Tree (16-100 strand Pixel lights) over 20ft tall. 8 Boysen Candy Canes 10 spiral trees 5 wrapped with Pixel lights and 5 with Pixel strips 8 Leaping arches with Pixel Strips 4 large globes and 4 Small globes wrapped with Pixel lights Roof, windows, and corners all done with Pixel lights. 8 Ray Wu Pixel Icicle light sets One giant Bow with 299 Pixel lights. Next year should be doubling lights. Rob I hope to have a video up as soon as I can get time to do one.
  9. Update: Here's what I have left. 3 CTB16PC V2 controllers. 2 are with single 3 pin dongles. 1 has 3 extension cord ends that I used for leaping arches.18GA wire They are several years old but all worked flawlessly. Asking $150.00 Each plus shipping to the lower 48 I have one 32 channel box CTB16PC Gen 3 (two boards) with SPT dongles on it that I will sell for $300.00 Plus Shipping to the lower 48. All of them have RJ45 waterproof cable connectors. All have the high heat sinks. I also have 2 Dumb RGB DC boards CMD16D-Q in enclosures with power supplies. Asking $75.00 Each plus shipping to the lower 48 Shipping should be around $20.00- $30.00 each. I Also have 50 White 4 pin 18GA wire waterproof cable ends 18" leads. Asking$2.00 a piece plus shipping I will test each one as they sell to make sure they are working properly. I will also set each controller back to unit 1 or what ever unit number you want them to be set to. Thanks Rob PM me for any other questions.
  10. Never received your message. Rob
  11. One Gen 3 board Pending testing Two 16 channel PC Boards sold. Still Have several more. As I said before I will test each board and run a set of test lights before shipping. Thanks Rob
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