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  1. This is local only please... For Sale : Warm White Incandescents 42 x 100 ct…in totes, very little use. 20 bucks including the totes! M5 LED’s Warm White 1 x 100 5 bucks Green 2 x 100 10 bucks and RED 20 x 5 0Ct. 50 bucks These are all fully Dimmable C6 Warm White 10 x 70 Ct 5 dollars a String 4 x 100 Ct 7 dollars a string (FullyDimmable) C6 Green 12 x 70 Ct 5 dollars a string 1 x 100 7 dollars (Fully Dimmable) C6 Red 11 x 60 Ct 3 dollars a string 2 x 150 Ct. 5 dollars a string (These are not molded but are dimmable) Green LED NET LIGHTS 13 Nets at 10 dollars a net (new are 25 dollars) Red LED NET Lights 13 Nets at 10 dollars a new ) New are 25 dollars) 4 of the 46 inch Holiday CORO talking Trees ( Retail at 40 dollars a piece I will sell with the LED LIGHTS already in them for 50 dollars a piece. Lights alone are probably 80-100 dollars 5 2 inch HDPE 8 ft Arches with stands and built…(you will want to replace the lights inside) 50 dollars for all 5. The pipe alone cost more than that. 5 1 inch by 10 foot Shark Bite Tubes with 3D printed stands, never Used..8 bucks a piece. Will have some RGB stuff to sell later as soon as I go thru everything…Moving next year, and have been dealing with back issues, so no show this year : ) I AM NOT shipping anything, so this would be local in the Orlando area…Thanks for looking!
  2. Full totes, ONE of each, of the following... RED, GREEN, and of course, WARM White, most have been used 1 season, and have been in the totes ever since, there are also some unused (new) in the totes, they are full to the top, in some cases, there will be more than the tote can hold...selling for 25 dollars, per tote, which includes the tote, which is about a 9 dollar item...PICK UP ONLY...just north of Orlando in the Mt. Dora,/Sorrento Eustis area...Willing to meet buyer locally, but please don't ask to ship, the weight and size is more than the cost of the lights..Thanks! IM me.
  3. Not a cat lover, but certainly not a hater...but I do have a doggie for a pet, and will be devastated when he leaves us...my sympathies go out to you Orville
  4. It would cost as much to ship as I'm asking for the lights, unfortunately.
  5. Hi Central Florida lighting enthusiasts just north of Orlando...I have 3 large totes packed to the brim with Red, Green and White Incandescents... For pick up only...will not ship anywhere... The contents are 15 dollars per tote...and for another 5, you can have the tote! (They are nice totes)! In some cases, I may even have more than the tote can contain...so whatever I have in addition. you can have as well. So 60 dollars takes everything, totes and all or 45$ for just the lights...PM me your interest....
  6. I have approx. 500 of each...They have approx. 40 hours on them...and that would be stretching it... The prices are listed below...BUT I am going to offer a bulk buy discount...you heard that right.,..BULK BUY discount SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS I purchased from Paul at CDI Preseason Sales Prices In Season Prices Warm white 1.00 1.25 Red .75 .95 Green .90 1.15 My Sale price Warm White .70 Red .50 Green .62 If you buy ALL the lights (1500 bulbs)....there will be a 30% discount...that averages out to a little over 42 cents a bulb... If you buy 400 of each, I will take 25% off, and 300 of each 20% off...anything less than that, it will be the stated price above. PM me if interested!
  7. that is very good insight Bob thank you
  8. Great! Thank you for the real world experience!
  9. Hypothetical (next year) I have filled up an 8 port switch, and upon additional expansion next year, was looking to add an additional switch(which I already have), without buying a 16 port switch. IF, you have your Ethernet from the computer go to the first switch, and have 6 connections to controllers, and then one connection from the first switch go to another switch,...with additional connections from that switch to controllers...will that work? Or is there a risk of data lag/loss or would it just not work altogether... running unicast if that makes a difference. Thanks
  10. I do believe Holiday Sequences is one guy, which is Robert...if you are seeing something other than that...they are probably bootlegging his work...he is a sequencing machine!
  11. http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php it can go on any executable file...sequencer, visualizer, etc....generally the LOR executables are good to 2G I believe, so this definitely helps.
  12. Sure as heck George...that was the issue...thanks again!
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