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    lights lights and more lights. there is not a such thing as a bad Christmas display. Actually the more bootleg the better. Reminds me of home.
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  1. I'm going a different direction with my display so I am selling off some of my equipment 6 ELL @ $100 each, 2 ctb16pc v2 @ $150 each, 1 ctb16pc v3 @ 160, 2 ctb08 v4 @ $75 each, 1 LOR800W model 2 @ $100. plus shipping. One of the ctb08 has an on channel. Buy all I will do $1200 free shipping lower 48.
  2. I have one of those 4 ch angel's. I need some help on programing the wing movement. Should I do fade ups and down, fade up, or no fades.
  3. I got an e-mail from her also. I was flattered but not interested.
  4. I know everyone is busy. I was wondering if there is a person that will charge to edit my video. I am just trying to have one year of good video.
  5. Did anyone get this programmed this year. I ran out of time.
  6. There is a guy by me that puts a sleigh on his roof
  7. I think I have 6 new fast flash xenon c9 with the c9 socket I can sell you for $25 + shipping
  8. If I had a single story house with a low pitch roof like that I would Griswold it up. Run White vertical stripes , then as many colors i could think of. Groups 3 ch on windows 1 ch garage 1 ch for fascia 2 ch for bushes The rest on the roof
  9. I was contacted by an editor at a Central Ohio newspaper. They are creating a map / database on displays in the Central Ohio area. If you want your dis play listed go here http://www.lancastereaglegazette.com/interactive/article/20131127/ENTERTAINMENT/311270014/Looking-great-Christmas-light-displays-
  10. Thanksgiving night. I always post on the web or tell my friend the show starts on Dec 1 -31st just in case there are any issues.
  11. It is fully equipped with some old school technology. When a can is dropped in the box the lights flash. Frames done by D'Lites
  12. Only thing that I put on a time is my transmitter so I am not sending dead air.
  13. What I do is I chip out some of the expansion joint fiber (that black stuff) then I duck tape my cord to a piece of re bar and stake it on both ends.
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