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  1. Thank you for responding, I did remove that inner panel, and I have two spots for fuses, but, no fuses! Kind of odd. I'm returning them to LightoRama for repair, I'm getting by on a 16 channel show. Not what I had planned but what are you gonna do! It does bug the hell out of me though, I know last year I did have a bad cord that blew my fuses in one controller, but all worked out great after I installed the new fuse, sh\ut down for the season, unplugged and left hanging on the wall until now and then "nothing"!! But thanks again
  2. Went to start up my light show this evening and two out of three of my Pro Controllers will not power up! Worked great last year, never got moved or powered up from last year! Going to Radio Shack tomorrow for fuses but, is there something else that I should be looking at? No issues with power supply. Really at a loss here!!
  3. That did it, thanks all for your help!!
  4. Oh Man! I know I have a learning disability but holy smokes I read that manual countless of times before I resorted to asking and now I find it after you stuck it under my nose! Unreal!! Ok, stupid question again, after I set the ID's, do I input the ID's into the hardware utility when starting up?
  5. I have the Showtime Controllers, I was finally able to get the HU to idnetify 2 controllers, but, only one is working. Its quite possible that I did get crazy with the unit ID process, are you saying that there is manual switch on them so I don't have to run the HU everytime I start up?
  6. Thanks for replying, yes the lights are blinking until they are found then they go solid, but I still get only one controller showing up! You think the up grade would help, if so I'll go ahead and do that!
  7. My first two nights went off pretty good with the exception of a couple of minor counts to the music, shut down the system today to make the adjustments and since then I can not get the second controller to be recognized! I know it's got to be something simple, but I am stumped here! I'm running a PC using the 2.6 software, any help would be great!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I've tried to set up the unit id's as #1 & #2, but it doesn't seem to do it or quite possibly I'm doing it wrong! I did find my "Channel Property Grid" and was able to add the 16 channels to my sequence as unit #2. But when I go back to the hardware utilility I'm still just finding one unit! I'm not really good at using this software as it took me two full seasons to figure out how to sequence my own music, so I thought I had it down and now this!!
  9. Thanks for your reply! I have just the two units, and the Max number of units is set at 5! The PC recognizes the units as the LED both go "solid", but it still only says one unit. I hooked up my lights and I'm just getting the same original 16 channels but on both units!
  10. For the life of me I can not get my new 2nd controlller to be recognized in my hardware set-up??? Please, suggestions or guidance 2.1.6
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