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  1. I bought an additional contoler enclosure so I could place mine in along with my FM transmitter. Worked great.
  2. Bill, Thank you for the help, I have now successfully updated the firmware and the 10 minute time limitation is no longer an issue. Take care, Mike
  3. I am properly the only one who's mini director simply refuses to accept the up grade. I downloaded the right one (for the mini director) when it 1st came out and I tried on a number of occasions but after I hooked it up and tried it, it would take a long time to start a show, or it would only run 1 song/sequence then freeze and so on so I ended up back on the original version it came with. People tried to help (for which I was grateful) by posting links & emails but no dice. I keep wanting to get a new one but I just put up with this one since I have nothing over 10 minutes in a song/sequence nor do I need an SD card over 2 GB's. ____________________ "You might as well face it your addicted to Lor" http://www1.sympatico.ca/cgi-bin/wx2004.pl?lng=en&stn=CAAB0096 ......weather link http://christmaslightsinmotion.weebly.com/ You are not alone with this Lightzilla, I have downloaded and installed the updated firmware, however when the sequence hits just over the 10 minute mark, the lights come on and stay on. I am trying to incorporate a video sync'ed to my controllers. Until I can get a resolve to the limitation, I have split the mp3 into two different tracks and will manually start the video. Take care, Mike
  4. Looking for help, I thought I had read somewhere that an updated firmware for the mD w/MP3 Player had been released that solved the 10 minute sequence limitation. I can't seem to find it now. Thank you... Mike
  5. Again thank you to all that responded. Don a special thank you to you for the reset directions. Show is running as intended. Mike
  6. Word of wisdom to you 1st year newbies. Congratulations on gettings your displays up and running. Last year I had a tour bus that would show up in front of my house so I know the feeling. This is my 3rd year to do a Christmas show and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. I have been running around like a mad man as I let the year get away with me. So... the moral to the story is to pace yourself throughout the year and keep programming, and most of all, have fun. There are a lot of sequences around that you can download and adapt to your particular display. Here is one of the links: www.sequencecenter.com/ Take care, Mike
  7. All, thanks for your help, I think that I have figured out the problem based off of your guidance. I had controller #1 and #2 both as #2. I have reset for #1, #2 & #3 and will know for sure when the sun goes down. Again, thanks to all... Mike
  8. Thanks Don, how do I "reset" the controllers?
  9. So, I have run the verifier and I get two different warnings. The first is #18 the Yearly Schedule File does not exist (I am running the show off of the Mini Director w/Mp3 Player); and the second warning #28(which is repeated numerous times) is Channel is Completely Off. One of your scheduled sequences contains a channel which is completely off for its entire duration. It suggests to "Consider removing the channel from the sequence, using the Sequence Editor." I have all 48 channels listed on the grid, but am not using all 48 and just programed the unused channels to be off, could this be causing the issue, and if so, can I just delete the channels leaving only the "active" channels in the sequence? Thank you for the help with this.
  10. Help! I can't figure out why I have random light channels lighting up. I have three CTB16PC's 48 channels and I have channels lighting up when they should be off, or not lighting up when they should be on. Thank you, Mike in Tulsa
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