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  1. So I have the first version of an LOR 1602MP3, bought around 2007-2008. (The mp3 director is behind the metal plate in the box). It came with a 128MB sd card, it still works.... for now. Bought a 2GB and tried it and it doesn't work with the controller. Do I need a firmware update, or is it a hardware issue that isn't going to work? Any idea where to purchase new, 12 year old SD cards?
  2. I am going out tomorrow to try that. If it works and go up quick..... my wife may divorce me, but that is a story for another day. Thanks!
  3. Holy crap.... your picture just gave me an idea.... my gutters are set up similar. I wonder if I can make some kind of bracket like in your picture but have apiece going up to bring it even with the gutter top. Then I don’t have attach anything to gutter or drill anywhere water coils get to.
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