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  1. Lights before thanksgiving - blasphemy! Like wearing white after labor day. You might as well have shot Santa. Seriously - Turn them on whenever you like, but it is funny how many people commented on that, and yes I too wait for black friday. My advice on the crowd. Dont worry about it. People will come. The number of people that come should not be a measure of your success. I can only speak for myself, but I do my show first and foremost because I ENJOY IT. I love computers, I love wiring, I love soldering, I love lighting design, I love making props and elements that I find visually appea
  2. Controllers : It just depends what you plug into the controller. Each string of bulbs consumes power (wattage) A standard household circuit can handel up to 15Amps (1800 Watts roughly) If you connect enough strings of lights to a controller, you COULD exceed 15 amps - IF you need to power more than 1800 Watts of lights off one controller, you would want to feed that controller from two seperate circuit breakers (not just 2 different outlets) If you are using LED lights, you can load MANY MORE lights per controller because LED's consume far less power than tradition incadecent bulbs. You al
  3. I buy everythying in kit form and keep an army of children chained to a desk for assembly. Sorry... I just had to.
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    Its coming

    I own at least 5 pairs of dykes. There is always a set when I need them - Shed, roof, car. I did leave a pair in the yard, found em a couple weeks later. Good and rusty, but was able to take it down with a wire brush and wd40.
  5. Was on my way to Savannah today, stoped off in Macon, and saw a familiar yet unusuall sight - The Chic-Fil-A has a rather tall sign ( 200ft ??) that can be seen from the highway. hanging off this was a Mega Tree. The drive thru had a series of PVC with LED looking ropelight making sort of a tunnel of light. None of it was on, and the staff only knew it was done by a habitat for humanity voulenteer as a fund raiser. It was a nice looking setup. Just wondering if the mystery man reads this forum. It was LOR gear. Sorry, lousy picture, I was in a hurry. Attached files
  6. I have ADD.BAD. Ask my wife, she will tell you I never notice anything she says. I also always afraid I might miss something importiant. I hate sequencing - Its like the necessary evil. I love the lights, love building and hanging stuff. But without the software, It all goes to waste. I have considered paying a friend who is a lighting designer to do my sequences, but stage control is nothing like writing for LOR. S2 wants to know what intensity for what light EVERY second or Milisecond. Stage lighting is historically " X channel at Y level untill Z point in time. Wow, Im off on a tangent
  7. It looks too bright and ridgid for projection. also a lot of black (hard color to get right with projection) Could be wrong, but my best guess is a rather large led wall. although much more expensive, LED is much more common in production when budget is not an issue. I bet the CMA's has a couple bucks to spend.
  8. I bet there were a lote more orders earlier in octobercompared to the end. I had originally held off on ordering, and planned to cut the extra channels out of my show. When PDU showed product starting to arrive, I decided to order. The user community really should go decorate all the LOR staff houses. I bet none of them have time. Some of them must pushing 60-70 hrs. / week.
  9. Homedepot rents them in my area. But not every location has them for rent. I think pricing was similar.
  10. Wow - up to 10/18. I would really love to see some numbers of how many controllers they sold in october. 1000 ? Also wonder how that compares to previous years. Seems like a lot of us were really holding out for the v3 board.
  11. I found a good one here: http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=rs485+usb I actually bought one off E-bay for 20.00 for another project before I got into LOR. when I bought my first controller, I pulled it out, wired it up - it worked fine. http://www.ebay.com/itm/RS-232-RS232-RS-485-RS485-Serial-Converter-Adapter-/280768994984?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item415f22dea8 I THINK I recall hearing LOR is half duplex, so if you have one iwth A+B, you short those together. My adapter only had half duplex so it wasnt an issue, but the above link supports both.
  12. I like the lightbulb idea, wrap it with tinfoil to keep it dark. ( thats what i do with my snubbers)
  13. While stringing up the roof line another neighbor calls out "Hey, arent you Jewish ?" "Yes, but I did stay at a holiday in express last night" And for the record, Yes, I am - But you guys are just going to have to share your holiday!
  14. TJ, I heard they tested iPads as a replacment for paper maps, how do the pilots feel about that ? Will your flight bag get smaller any time soon ?
  15. I was reading this yesterday sitting on a plane, and I'm really glad no one lasered our pilot! Seriously, a jet engine and the lives of all the passengers onboard are enough to worry about. Funny side note : I had no idea those cases the pilot carries had maps in it. I just figured it was clothes and his lunch.
  16. I bought about 300 ft on ebay last season. It was easy to see how cheaply made it was. IT did work fine, and I think I will get 1 or 2 more seasons out of it. a word of caution. Rope light can only be cut in certian places ( if at all) the place I bought from said it could be cut every 3 feet. I planed my project around that figure, and when it arrived, the cut marks were every 4 feet. It may not sound like a big deal, but since I needed to cut the rope 6 times, I ended up short by a lot, and had to go back and buy more. So beware, and be carefull of IF and where you can cut it.
  17. I just picked up a flipp, but I really like the Kodak Zi8. it has an external MIC input. (connect to headphone jack on a fm radio) The best advice I have for anyone is GET A TRIPOD.
  18. I would agree the stranded cable is better - but I have used solid (same cables) going on 4 years, no problems. stranded does flex better ( although everything gets rigid when its frozen) At work we buy from monoprice a lot, its decent cable. You can do a lot with cat-5. I use it for ethernet of course, telephone, controller connections, rainbow floods, if you twist a couple conductors together, its OK ofr audio. Its even ok for Video/ CCTV (although for long runs, I still like RG6) 1000 ft goes quick. Outdoot rated cat-5 DOES have some features. UV coating on the outside, and depending on
  19. Randy - is he software projected from PC, or just a DVD ?
  20. Just a guess, but I'm thinking the LOR160x comes to LOR as a finished board, and they probably mount in enclosure, and connect pigtails, then ship. It would seem that everyone is far to busy just trying to pack / ship the bare board, and they dont have time to assemble anything larger than the PC series right now. For whatever its worth, I sent in a support request about 4 days ago, had a response within 48 hours, and when I returned from out of town last night, I had replacments parts in my mailbox. just my opponion, but I think LOR continues to do a fantastic job despite the manufacturing
  21. The project I used one for was sort of a Video booth. The timer was pre-set to 5:00, and once the subject pushed the big GO button, the timer would trigger a video camera to start recording, when the countdown reached 00:00, the timer would stop the camera and reset to 5:00. I wish I had a picture of the unit. I think the one I got was 4" digits. I cant find any of the old pricing info, but I think I paid around 275.00 for the unit. It wouldnt be hard to make ANY timer work. You would just solder relay contacts in place of the start button. The hard part is finding a timer that will always r
  22. I dont know what your planning / willing to spend, but you can definately do it. http://www.brgprecision.com/products/timers/sttimer.php The link above is a company that makes giant LED clocks and timer displays. They are kinda expensive (but a good quality american made product) Any unit on that page with a CL option added will get you a giant count down clock that has a relay trigger output. I have used one of there clocks in a similar project so I could help you with the wiring, but the basic idea is : Clock is set for 15 minute countdown mode. at the end of your show 1 channel trigger
  23. See thread - http://forums.lightorama.com/forum89/27737-3.html Why not make your own - Its not for EVERYONE, but if you can build a CTB16, DIY CCB's are no big deal. You need 1 LPD6803 to DMX Converter. (usledsupply.com) some 6803 addressable pixel strings. (there are lots to pick from, tube similar to ccr, balls like the ccb, and small ones like mini lights) usledsupply has some, also http://www.adafruit.com/products/307 or you can find a lot on aliexpress Add a power supply and your all set.
  24. That must be a version 4 board. I dont understand, where do you connect the lights ?
  25. The technology sounds like EL Wire. MAybe just a larger piece in a light bulb shape. But traditional EL wire is no where mear as bright. It looks neat. I would buy one.
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