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  1. All part of the fun of ordering from China. I'm thinking its going to do 300 - 500 channels, but thats just my guess.
  2. I push all the limits, and do plenty of things that Max insist will kill me, but even I would not dare use LOR to trigger fireworks.
  3. My offer stands if you want to send with your sister.
  4. He sells the one above and another one that best I can tell, has a fixed DMX address, and only doue 100 somthing channels. (but he sells it for like 15.00) I bought the one above. by the way - it showed up EXACTLY as pictured. as in whatever that green connector with the pins is ( I dont know the name) thats all you get. I know the connectors are fairly common, but he should AT LEAST include the female / mate that converts that to screw terminals. There is also no manul or spec sheet. I opened the box, and thats what was in it. Period. Same story with the other stuff I order from that side
  5. Yup - Db9 to RJ45. It is popular with a cisco router (even today) that lets you connect to the console port. Another place they are really popular is Hotels and restraunt registers. Hotel PMS and Kitchen POS systems still use a lot of serial devices (Bump bar, register tape printer, even video displays) Ethernet is catching on, but still a lot of serial out there. Wiring up a kitchen requires a lot of cabes and crimping a db9 connector in the field is pain, and cat5 is redaily available. So in many cases, Cat5 is used with 1 or 2 db9-to-rj45 connectors on the end.
  6. I would encourrage you to stay with the lor brand. BUT the adapter is rather standard. You need a rs485 adapter. Lots of places sell them. I believe LOR is half duplex, but I think you can use a full duplex adapter by tying the A&B lines together. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=rs485+adapter If you have a high end CCTV / Security supply store near you, RS485 is comon to PTZ Camera control.
  7. Im just going to chime in I disagree with Wyane. Its just banter and my opponion, but I dont agree. I like that a controller costs me 99.00 - what we call a controller, the rest of the lighting world calls a Dimming pack. one of THE CHEAPEST is from chauvet, and costs 120.00 for 4 channels. compare that to a ctb16pc : LOR 250.00, or 480 for Chauvet. I dont want to pay anextra 10, 20 or 50.00 just so LOR can hire someone to tell you they dont have any boards in yet. No one is forcing you to buy LOR. You dont like it, buy someone elses controller. Try a Rival controll systems, they claim 8a
  8. I dont think you can say "I understand the supply chain problem" and in the next breath " LOR should have been updating the customer" You have obviously never had to deal with that type of supply issue. I have no doubt LOR is hounding the supplier, and every day the supplier responds "not yet, but soon" are you really saying that your expectation is for someone to stop any work they COULD have been dooing each day, and make a post to the pdu page or send an email to say "Hi everyone, the news is, we dont have any news, but we think really soon" what good does that do ? because that is exactl
  9. Ordered 10/28 - Shipped 11/17 Expected Delivery Nov 22nd
  10. Ahh good Ol' Mr. Christmas. It does make me laugh - especiall when I'm just standing around and I see someone walk over and consider buying one. I just want to scream "No, dont do it!" it wont be as cool as you think it is !!! But then I would have to explain LOR to them, and then they would want me to help them program there own show, and I dont have that kind of time - So I just smile and keep my mouth shut !.
  11. Jeff - I would if I could, but I also have no CCR to compare to. I have drivers for both 6803 and 2801's. Agreed the 2801 has a much higher level of control. I could definately see how issues could arrise with the top or bottom of the dimming curve, it just doesnt bother me. Im just not that picky, and I tend not to have a lot of slow fades. If you are just buying the driver, USLED is the same after shipping from china. But USLED wants 4-5 bucks per pixel. I ended up paying about .80 / pixel buying overseas. The overseas shipping is higher, but if you combine several light weight items, a
  12. You may want to cehck out http://www.usledsupply.com/shop/led-rope-lights.html They sell strips and DMX drivers for them. and a lot of other cool led stuff.
  13. IF you can use SPT1, Skycraft : http://www.skycraftsurplus.com/18awglampcordspt1.aspx I dont think they sell vampire taps, but between them and the other guys with the vampier sale, (earlier Post) I think you would do ok.
  14. 7 networks - how many controllers do you have ?
  15. Chanel config can be imported via the edit menu, but you would have to run the import for each sequence. There is no way to my knoledge to import a channel config automatically to all sequences.
  16. James - What your saying doesnt quite make sense : Serial to cat-5 There is an adapter that changes DB-9 to Cat5 - but that wont do you any good. If you have a usb-485 adapter, and your laptop USB is going bad, your only option from LOR would be to order a RS232 to RS485 adapter. I would replace the laptop (especially if it only has 1 usb port) If your laptop has a PCMCIA Card slot, you could get this : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815124013&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwords&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-_-pla-_-NA-_-NA
  17. Sure : 6803 Driver - http://www.aliexpress.com/product-gs/369742166-LT-6803-DMX-Decoder-DC5-24V-input-LPD6803-specific-protocol-output-signal-Max256-steps-wholesalers.html 50 Pixel String of RGB LED http://www.aliexpress.com/product-fm/404076974-12mm-LPD6803-pixel-module-IP68-DC5V-input-full-color-wholesalers.html
  18. I had been playing with several samples for a while, and finally recieved my full order from China yesterday. I bought 100 RGB Led Pixel's (2 strings of 50) from Ray Wu via Ali Express. I ran them into a DMX adapter, Setup DMX in LOR (using Enttec adapter) and BAM, 300 channels of RGB Lights. 70 for tha advanced license upgrade 60 for Enttec adapter 35 for 6803-dmx driver 85 for pixel strings. 250.00 total. Could have bought a CCR, but I like the pixel look, and adding DMX was well worth the adapter and license upgrade.
  19. You could also google light pipe, PMMA or POF Fiber. Im using some for another part of my setup, its flexible fiber. Glue one end on top of your LED and the other can stick out from whatever part of your cas you like. If it were me, I'd pull the led, drill a hole, and extend the wires back to the PCB. Light pipes are probably not the most effective delivery of the status light, but they might give you some ideas for other parts of your display.
  20. I'll come take care of those vampire plugs for an ipad
  21. Im in Georgia - I have a spare I'd be happy to loan you for free. Just return it to me after you recieve yours. (it is a generic non LOR brand, but uses the same chip) I have tested it with my controllers. I could mail it, or you could come pick it up.
  22. I have to say - I really dont care for it. I like variety too, Z's and Webber and regular... Just not wild about the balls.
  23. We dont have Menards in GA But I got my 700 Ft spool of SPT1 from Skycraft on Friday.
  24. Charles : Love it. Makes me miss my old lighting production days. Nice work. I dont miss scaling light truss at 2:00am and humping cases into a box truck.
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