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  1. I know its an older thread - but I have a channel I want to copy to a group. In my case, I have parts of a seeuence applied to a single RGB channel, and I want to past that across a group of about 20 rgb channels - I WANT all the 20 channels to end up being the same as the 1st. I understand I CANT do this by pasting to the group, so IS THERE any way I can accomplish this ? In my case, I added a huge chunk of RGB devices this year, and I dont want to take the time to write new sequences for all of them.... So I want a big group of them to just be the sme as another RGB element I allready hav
  2. From reading your post over - sounds like you just want to extend your strings in several sections. as long as you cut/mark/splice everything correctly, that will work fine. But if it were mine, I'd just look for something larger to blackout several bulbs at once. (I also dont follow how a string across roof outline needs anything blacked out.. but thats ok) If I have a rather large area where I dont want to see lights, and I dont want to cut the strand (like a big bundle at the end of my roof outline) I zip tile the left overs into a small bundle, then cover it with tinfoil. and just to sto
  3. I'd just install appache or IIS on my show pc, and let the weebly site point directly to it.... but thats just my preference, your method doesnt sound bad.
  4. There are several people who have posted about clocks. Use the search feature or ask a specific question.
  5. I have some snubbers at the start of the circuit (next to controller) and others at the end of the line. The position does not seem to make a difference - at least for me.
  6. I just thought the summer sale had gotten rid of all inventory of older boards (obviously it did, as new boards were delayed) Im just a bit lost as to why they had more of the old boards made. Why do another run of the board that is being phased out.
  7. Im really confused. I THOUGHT all boards were Gen3 from this point on. I thought that was all part of the huge back log... redesigning the boards and all. It would appear I am sadly mistaken. I ordered 1 ctb16pc kit (3 or 4 weeks ago) and it came today, but its clearly the same as the board I got last year. Was there ever going to be or will there ever be a kit form of the gen 3 board ? I know its mostly SMD, but I thought ALL boards would be gen3, and the "pc kit" would still need triacs and lugs soldered. Am I crazy ?
  8. There are several factors - The transformer is the bigest one. It would depend mostly on the rating of the transformer rating of the power supply. The spec for the RF tells you only what the light needs at full power, you could feed it with a 10 amp supply, its still only going to draw whatever is on the data sheet. Now even with the transformer, if I get a power supply rated at 12v 10 amp, thats a rating on the DC side. on the ac side, the draw will be less. higher voltage means less amperage.
  9. I would just solder it. But I think this is what your looking for : http://www.usledsupply.com/shop/4-pin-rgb-connector.html
  10. Just keep in mind NOT ALL ROPE can be cut. If you cut rope that wasnt made ot be cut, you increase the voltage to the remaining lights, and will usually burn up the rope. Even cutting rope that IS MADE to be cut in the wrong place can cause the same problem. MAke sure oyu ask / get the right thing if you are going to cut it.
  11. Just keep in mind NOT ALL ROPE can be cut. If you cut rope that wasnt made ot be cut, you increase the voltage to the remaining lights, and will usually burn up the rope. Even cutting rope that IS MADE to be cut in the wrong place can cause the same problem. MAke sure oyu ask / get the right thing if you are going to cut it.
  12. Max, I really dont think insulting his language skills is goning to get his board fixed. Believe it or not, people can enjoy the hobby without an engineering degree and even lousy spelling. Matt- The soldering did look a bit rough. Its impossible to say looking at your pictures, but IF there were multiple shorts on the board, there is a chance some parts are dammaged. I would find someone who can help reflow, and remove the excess solder, remove any accidential joints, check over all the chip orientation, and then re-test the board. Hopefully the short was on the transformer, and its was
  13. My 1st gen 3 arrives today, I know it's mostly smd, but thought you still had to solder lugs and triacs
  14. gizmomkr


    I keep forgetting the LOR adapter can be used for plain old DMX. Also didnt realize the 3.1.2 update had the FULL pro support. Thanks John!
  15. gizmomkr


    Diferences between the open and pro : Pro has an input. Pro has a chip to handel processing the comamnds Open only has an output (5pin XLR) Open make use of host cpu for processing. At the present time s3 is only coded for basic support so even though pro has the better chip, its not being used (but they say it will be in future releases) As for inteligent channel limits, (I think your refering to license limit) it doesnt apply because you must purchase an Advanced license to use DMX dongle support, so your channel count is unlimited. I think someone said the pro may use 3 pin xlr, not su
  16. Did you build it, or was it pre-built ?
  17. gizmomkr


    I have 1 LOR adapter, and 1 Enttec Open DMX - fed my settings into network preferences, and opened the control panel, everything worked fine. Now I just have t0 figure out how to sequence a couple hundred channels really quick
  18. Yeah, I have a huge pile of hacked up 3 prong yard cords... I used most of them last year, but with the extra spt, I might just end up replacing them all this year.
  19. I agree they didnt quite do what I would have - butI'm not producing the AMA's. I would have moched up the front of his house with rope light faces and CCR's, then I would have used SMTPE time code or a dmx channel off the master board to trigger Showtime software. If they really wanted to, they could have driven all the hardware with there master board - they just didnt have the time or patience But look, at the end of the day, Kevin made a sensational display that will forever be "that haloween house to party rock" and his talents were showcased as part of the AMA's. Butchering asside, he
  20. I caught the last 5 minutes, and I saw just a flash of your stuff. Hopefull someone posts, would love to see PRA. Congrats man. You do great work!
  21. I have the same unit - mine works fine. I paid way less from ebay. Came from china.
  22. No one said "Go buy whatever you want, shove a cat-5 in it, and it will work" One last time: You dont HAVE to use a LOR adapter ( although I HIGHLY encourrage you to do so, because you would have to connect the Rj45 end to screw termianls, and you dont seem to follow instructions verry well) you CAN use another adapter, but you MUST GET A RS-485 adapter. I think the LOR adapter uses the same chip http://www.usconverters.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=75&products_id=313
  23. I ordered 700ft of STP for this years additions. I NEVER measure anymore - First year I measured, I bought EXACTLY what I needed, I ended up short. I just finished setting up the new elements. Ok, here is the strange part. I have about 200 feet of stp left over. Every couple months, I buy a roll of 250Ft, and just throw it in the christmas pile.
  24. Hopefully you got what you needed, BUT - "trendnet.tu2-etg" appears to be a gigabit ethernet adapter... not sure how you came up with that. Thats got usb at one end and Cat 5 at the other, but thats NOT RS485. If you bought an ethernet adapter, you got hte wrong thing.
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