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  1. If your still having issues, Exactly what did you get from Holiday Coro - they have lots of different stuff. Do you have s3 with an advanced license ? Are all your drivers loaded ? I'll also throw out there a google for stage console. Stage console is free, and a really good basic tool for testing dmx with Enttec. Right now your problem cold be power, cabeling, software.... need to get more info and narrow it down.
  2. I think like many things there are "Best Practices" and there are Laws of science. You cant power a 1,000 Watt flood with a 2 conductor 22 Awg wire. If your holding it in your hand, you will get hurt, your an idiott. LAW OF SCIENCE Its a good idea to change your oil and rotate your tires every 5,000 miles ( or is it 10,000) Is your car going to explode like the melting wire above ? NO. Is it better for your engine - Yes. BEST PRACTICE. Another way I could say it is : Should be fine, best of luck - if strange things happen, you should look at this as a potential cause Now where is that post
  3. Im not a legal expert. someone who is can fill in the details, but I have had to get releases for music in the past. There is an allowance "fair use" 30 seconds or 10% Something... but thats not the point. Somewhere a starving artist sits, eating cup-o-soup. singing on every corner, every bar ,every open mic night - just to catch a break (maybe) one day, and get signed. then get an agent, a manager, a song writer, a stylist, makeup artist, vocal coach, PAY ALL OF THEM - spend months in a recording studio, producers, recording engineers, PA's getting coffe. Only to release a song that you now
  4. I follow exactly, and totally agree - I have done the exact same thing with midi multi track recording. I really hope one day soon LOR does SOMETHING better for real time sequencing. My wife says "dear god thats a mess, how the !$%% does that amkes lights dance?" when she looks at a sequence in S3. Our 2 1/2 yr old can sequence with a MIDI Keyboard.
  5. I do appreciate the idea of 1 cable for everything, but my experience as an AV tech with long DMX runs and power runs will usually lead to my keeping things seperate for any show. Chances are combining especially shorter distances, things will be fine. I have cat-5 coming out my ears, so that covers all my data. for some smaller items I run power over seperate cat-5, sometimes even twisting several pairs together. This past season, I had some DMX stuff in the yeard that was 12v, I ran cat5 for data, and a seperate 4 conductor 18Awg wire for power. I have never had issues with random lights
  6. Box, I dont follow - why do you want a midi channel to corespond to a LOR chanel. a single MIDI note would be the closest equivelant to a channel of lights. An entire midi channel would be more like "a network" or "a dmx universe" networks / universes contain channels witch are the smallest element, so it makes sense to me that one midi note represents one midi channel.... further exhibited by tapping a key on a keyboard to tunrn on / off a light. Maybe I just dont follow how you want the programming to go... Whatever the case, The midi wizzard (unless something changed) when I looked only
  7. I was thinking something along the lines of the ethcon gateway or the Sandevices unit - somthing that supports multiple chip types. Also thinking something that is e1.31 connected.
  8. Was clicking around Ray's store and watching a video on the Ethcon Gateway, and got to thinking. Does LOR have any plans to release a Pixel Controller ? At first it may seem a bit contrary to the Cosmic Color device line, but IF someone is going to do it anyway, might as well get the LOR branded device right ?
  9. I know heathkit, and I was born in 80. (I just loved electronics even then) I never wanted to go to the toy store, it was always "mom, can I go to Radio Shack" Yes, those days are long gone. I have a frys close by, and they do pretty good. Its not like having mouser or digikey in your back yard, but comon, considering, I think its a good selection. As much as I WISH for the days of the old rat shack, You have to remember in todays economy, you cant keep the doors open, make $$ and pay emplyees selling a handfull of transistors. Slimmer margins, more compettion, big box stores driving out th
  10. I would 3rd that - it would be just like having 3 pieces of rope light in 1 (witch you CAN actually buy, just not with LOR interface allready onboard) But you could get a piece of 3 color rope light and break out to 3 channels on a regular controller.
  11. Thats really funny. I would think there is time now to solder up a couple. Isnt Jan1 at LOR like Aprill 18th for accountants ?
  12. The light source was DMX, and that was controlled by LOR using an Enttec dongle.The pump was setup as ALWAYS ON. For flow controll I had 1 channel that activated a valve, the valve would basically just divert the water flow AWAY from the nozzel / jet. Activating the channel for a short time would make the flow drop, and holding the channel on for several seconds would make the water totally stop. It was not quite what I wanted, but close enough for my first try with water to be happy. Eventually I will have directional nozzels and VFD Pumps. I'd be interested in the fire / gas setup if you
  13. The look varied greatly depending on the vantage point, but you get the idea. The light would pretty much stop at the apex. Next year, I probably need a better light source. Its kinda hard to find a 20 - 50 Watt DMX Fiber optic Illuminator.
  14. Ahhh the Mystical Fountian controller http://lightorama.com/Documents/MLC-100.pdf I was really inerested in this, but I can barely keep up sequencing lights. Having a moving fountian head with lights AND VFD pumps would send me over the edge. I did a fountian in my show show this year, but the pump was just a static on / off. Anyway, All I know about the board is from a brief conversation with Dan at the last expo. It seemed like another company had asked for the board, but then interest had fallen off. He said it was "on the shelf" for now, but that we might one day see it.
  15. I dont have any CCR's, but was just curious what you do in telecom - and how much longer you will keep your current job untill you turn into a permanent fixture on the backlots of hollywood ? I really am curious what your day job is - I am envious of the amount of free time you have to persu your hobby. I have really enjoyed your videos, you do great work!
  16. It also means http://www.j1sys.com/ecg-pixad8/ will be a great fit to add pixel strings. The above device has a pixel driver built right in for support of 6803 and 2801. Same for Sandevices - http://www.sandevices.com/E681info.html Using the above hardware with E1.31 support, I'll be able to eliminate my Enttec dongle and pixel controllers.
  17. Verry cool - nice work. Not sure if you found your xml answer yet, but I would love to see it when its outputting a lor friendly XML. (I'd REALLY love if lor built the "math" in so objects like trees and other high channel counts were shown as a single item and could be modified as such. I THINK there is a basic tree wizzard... but I hate that if I want to do something like just make it spin faster, I have to erase the timing grid and start over. IF lor put the math into the code, then one day when I want the tree to spin faster, I just have to turn a knob - instead of re-making a whole sec
  18. Funny, My first home made solution used midi triggered relays. The hardware mas mostly home made, with some http://highlyliquid.com/midi-decoders/msa-r/ but the reed relays couldnt handel the load, so I had to make another bak of relays triggered by the smaller relay. 8 channels cost me as much as a 16 channel PC kit, and took 2 or 3 times as long to build. Bragraming was a snap. just plug in a midi keyboard, load some multi track recording software, and hit go. play along on the keyboard and wala. for playback the midi channels would trigger the relays and the way channel would go to the fm t
  19. Checkout StageConsole http://www.chromakinetics.com/DMX/StageConsole.html Its Free. good basic features. It works with the Enttec dongle. I have not tried the LOR adapter with it.
  20. I had similar problems with Audio sync. Im not swearing the issue is v3 related, but I did not have the problem last year. My issue also seems to have poped up with no real rhyme or reason. When I loaded my files on my show PC right after thanksgiving, all was well. Somewhere around the last week of December, the LOR network seems to have begun to lag behind. all my audio is CBR. Strange, my DMX network seems to be in-sync. My pc is a p4 with 2Gb of ram. My show files are NOT that complex. I only have 4 controllers, fairly basic programing, and around 190 dmx channels although the DMX had v
  21. I can shed some light on the addressing. Each 6803 pixel actually has a data IN and a data OUT. at a glance, the wires look like they are just soldered together, but they are not. The output of each pixel is "shifted" +1 so - if you chop a 50 pxel string in half, and you take the 51st pixel and connect it to the same place that pixel 1 is connected, then you will have 2 stirngs that are essentially copies of one another. The only way the 51st pixel KNOWs its 51 is when its connected to the output of pixel 50. Hope that helps.
  22. Ok: First lets seperate smart "pixels" from strips. The term pixel most will agree means a source than can be controlled with a data signal. A pixel recieves constant power, but only turn on or changes color with a data signal. A "dumb strip" has no data to process - it does NOT recieve constant power. connecting the power ( 1 red wire, 1 green, 1 blue) for example, and varying the voltage produces the different colors. With a strip all LED's within the strip are on at the same time. With a string of pixels, only the specific pixel is ON. Pixels are individually conrollable, dumb strips a
  23. All jokes asside (because there were MANY, from my wife, the neighbors, Etc) The picture isnt that great, but They looked really nice. Getting htem hung was a feat all in its self - 1 flag pole like structure in the front with 6 different cables run back to the collums along the porch. I only did white, but RGB balls would look really nice. right now I have about 30 lbs of tension on the flag pole. adding RGB would add a lot of weight. verry happy with how they turned out. Now I just have to find a good way to store all this junk.
  24. Just to get back to some real on topic data here : I have both. The 2801 chip is better technically speaking. 6803 has a max of 256 shades of grey or 15 bit color vs 24 bit color on the 2801. The more levels you have, the more colors you can make. For me its really not an issue because I'm not looking for 16 million colors - In fact I usually just want Red, Green, Blue, sometimes purple and white, but really dont use the rest of the spectrum. How bright your actual light is depends more on the LED than the driver chip. They both work well, and they both are easy to convert to DMX.
  25. Just a quick note on Ray's stuff - I have ordered sveral decoders, pixel strings and dmx pieces from him over the past 6 months. The instructions are worthless. The product is pretty good. After requesting a pin out because I never had any documentation to know what color wires were clock / data / ground , Etc. I got a black and white paper - since you couldnt tell the colors, it was useless. when I contacted him, he sent me a pdf of the same document, but this time in color. The document was wrong. When I complained that some of the strings in one of my orders didnt work, he insisted I mus
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