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  1. As an old video editor - Scrubbing would really help count my vote in. I'll just add - one very frustrating part of "send your idea to wishlist" or even a post - You only get a following if other understant the idea your pitching. You might have a really great idea, but if you cant explain and convince the general user base how great it is - its never going to see the light of day. Scrubbing is just a great example of this because if you know what it is, youd probably favor the idea, if you dont know what it is, you have made do, dont care, and will never know what it could have been. I do
  2. I have never found my self staring at a controlelr WISHING the channels were rated LOWER. I do use a lot of LED, but it really doesnt make me want the hardware scaled back. I think 16 ch for 99.00 is a great price point. I also know most of my future purchases will be DC boards for LED's, and pixels. I'd much rather see a LOR version of the Ethcon Gateway or the Sandevices 681
  3. Thats actually totally within reach (mind controll) Check out the MindWave. http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/electronic/e9e5/ Its an EEG reader. just reciently released to the US. My Borther-in-law brought one by to play with. Intense focus or deep meditation can easily be seen on the Alpha and Beta scans, and they make a nice little API free for download. So you could make it do whatever you wanted. Someone tied one to Audrino and made it activate a relay. http://hackaday.com/tag/mindwave/
  4. I am all for education - especially in lighting design. I learned on an ETC Insight 2x I love the Source 4 - It is the most versital light in the world. I liked your video. It was funny. I dont have a facebook account - but if you want to make one, and login as me, and vote for yourself.... I really would vote if I had a facebook account.
  5. There are two software packages that come to mind. Freestyler http://www.freestylersupport.com/wiki/sound_2_light This software package will actually take a track or mic in and convert Hih's mid's Etc to DMX. this could then be fed into a LOR controller to give you the result you are looking for. DMXControll http://www.dmxcontrol.org/features.html will also perform the same action. Again - this COULD be done with the above SOFTWARE and LOR Hardware, but none of this would use LOR software.
  6. As much as I love the Hobby, I know if I ever made a Job / Service out of it, it would loose a little bit of the "joy" Its FUN because I want to do it. Its just not quite as fun when I HAVE TO do it. As for price, I would call some decorating or lighting companies, ask them to quote your house. There are lots of companies where I live that do provide this service (mostly for static displays) but any pro lighting company will have DMX dimmer packs, and boards to controll it. Also dont forget the Pro controllers. The customer & / or insurence company will probably want only UL Listed devi
  7. I think thats funny because I have always loved the software untill I got THOSE things. (and I did want those things) Guess thats why the saying goes "Be carefull what you ask for..." Sequencing for controllers was fun. Sequencing for a string of RGB pixels made my head hurt. I hope the software embraces pixels, and gets easier to sequence higher channel counts.
  8. I have never TRIED to run s3 on Server OS, but the Core of server 03 and xp are the same. Drivers should load just fine and it should run fine. In a similar way, Server 08 Windows Vista and Windows 7 are baed on the same core. If something runs on any of those, it should run on all.
  9. Awkward place to be posting about this - I had a post somehwere just a couple weeks ago "I wish LOR would make a Pixel controller" Looks like SanDevices beat them to it. I cant imagine Dan is thrilled to see this. Im also not a lawyer, but LOR is a closed protocol, so I would expect them to get a nasty gram, and the product to be pulled. Or maybe Dan is laughing because he doesnt think anyone will buy them after LOR releases built in support. One of those bards and the e681, and you have everything you need for pixels. I think IF you were going to buy CCR or CCB's - you probably still wil
  10. I agree with all prior : Pan NOW. Dont add anything after june / july that wasnt in your original plan - your sequencing should be DONE in august, not starting over to add new elements. I try to always have extra of everything. If I measure and need 500 ft of SPT, I buy 700, need 50 connectors, buy 80. Even down to extra channels on my controllers. Lines can short, chips can blow. Its nice to load a controller with everything you can, but I have been much better off having open channels when I needed them. Labels are GREAT. Keep things orginized. (and this is coming from a REALLY un orgini
  11. You can find a used netbook on ebay for around 150.00
  12. Im not a code guy. Im not endorsing the idea. Im not at all interested in arguing with max. Im not even saying the interpratation of the code is correct. All I'm saying is, I tihnk this is the code that plasmadrive is thinking of. "300.3© Conductors of Different Systems. (1) 600 Volts, Nominal, or Less. Conductors of circuits rated 600 volts, nominal, or less, ac circuits, and dc circuits shall be permitted to occupy the same equipment wiring enclosure, cable, or raceway. All conductors shall have an insulation rating equal to at least the maximum circuit voltage applied to any conductor wi
  13. I like the data cable from tree to tree best - run it up the trunk 15 - 20 feet. But if not that, I would do something with e1.31. 802.11 is a cheap way to get dmx/ethernet out. Seeing your style, Im sure you want RGB. I bet Ed Bryson or a dozzen other overseas people would be willing to produce a 3ch Ethernet connected dimmer. Actually, I THINK one of the ethcon daughter boards did output Regular DMX allready, so you could just add some regular 4 channel dimmer to that. Then you just need to convert that 1.31 back out to Serial DMX for LOR.... Or hold your breath for e1.31 in LOR. (or chan
  14. 4 Controllers w/ enclosures and misc - 480.00 couple spools of STP, plug etc. - 350.00 S3 upgrades, DMX Dongle - 125.00 assorted Lights (a wild guess) - 800.00 Rainbow floods - 160.00 Pixels & DMX stuff - 200.00 Water feature - 150.00 Not sure how to acocunt for labor. Wow, I really tought it would be higher, I'm still under 2k. I'm cheap. Oh right, power - We are about 80% LED, and our power cost is about 30.00 for the month.
  15. I had no idea solicone had Acid in it. Every tube I can think of always has that vinigar smell. I cant find anything that says "Acid Free" at homedepot. I did find plenty of Boat places selling acid free stuff. Any recomended brand you think a home supply / hardware store would stock ?
  16. My Mom just finished her second round of Kemo, so I feel your pain. Wishing you and your family the very best. Stay strong.
  17. I use EL wire in my Show. Im a huge fan of EL product. I honestly dont know how they get the timing SPOT ON. Or I know and just dont have the patience. There are actually MDX controllers for EL wire, but very pricey. Most using EL wire, drive it with a 12v dc inverter. Electrically EL wire is like a capacitor. The glow appears as the material rapidly charges and discharges. 2 big pain-in-the-a$$ parts for syncing is the rate of charge of the material and the time it takes for the inverter to power up and cut off. I use wall warts with a regular controller, but you could use a DC controlle
  18. Christie Digital has Twist http://www.christiedigital.com/en-us/3D/products-and-solutions/3d-projection-solutions/christie-twist/Pages/default.aspx Its software that runs inside the projector that allows the image to be mapped to your surface in 3d space. You can sctually rent Christie's from a lot of production houses, so if you wanted to try it at home, and you have a nice chunk of change lying around... Im sure someone can make you a 1 month rental on a projector or 2. I have never used the software, but my buddie that still works AV said it took him a couple hours to map some basic sha
  19. My post was actually @Greg Renna
  20. I had read something saying the reason we dont see pixel strings on e-bay and other US Sites is due to copyrights from Philips Color Kinetics. I know Addafruit has some, usledsupply, and sparkfun - but its pretty limited. Seems like just the sort of thing that someone would order a case of and do an ebay store. Something MUST be stopping someon from doing that. I wonder if Gregg knows any truth or details to that. P.S. I have also ordered from Ray. I have paid with Ali and with Paypal. No issues.
  21. Wow. Color Scrollers- what a blast from the past! What an AWFULL product. Those things broke more than they worked. Thank god for pixelpars.
  22. I cant find the link, but when I startned looking at adding water this past season, someplace http://laminar.forumotion.com a member had built his own. much smaller, but he had software for the text that would convert everything into controll signals and turn on/off like 50 -100 valves with precision timing. The whole thing was home-brew. verry cool.
  23. Post a screen shot of your LOR Network screen, and your channel layout. We should be able to figure it out from there. If not send me a PM, could do a screen share and confirm the settings. Again, IF stage console is working, all your wires are ok. The LOR to DMX or LOR to cat5 are not a factor at this point - all that is between the LOR rs485 adapter (can be used instead of an Enttec) OR from the enttec to the little white adapter box. You dont need any more or different wires if stage console makes the lights come on. Its all about s3 config at this point.
  24. Hang on - back up. If stage console works, dont change any more wiring. All your wiring is correct. Stage console talks to the enttec via usb. LOR talks to the enttec via USB. Whatever part is wrong at this point is going to be in the lor network setup OR the channel layout.
  25. If you have an Enttec Pro, I believe you have 5 pin DMX on that unit. For 5 pin DMX - pin is 2 Data Minus, 3 Data Plus. But you mention cat5 so that makes me think you have some type of adapter converting your cat5 to 5pin dmx. Do you ? Holiday coro sells one. That adapter outputs dmx on cat5 pins 1 and 2 (thats the orange pair, not blue) http://www.chromakinetics.com/DMX/StageConsole.html StageConsole is just a bsic dmx board/ console / test utility. You can use stage console to test DMX devices without having to program anything in LOR. Its just liek the LOR hardware test utility. Faders an
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