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  1. I know the guy that makes them frequents the board - but I wanted to see some photos from those using them and get an idea of brightness vs distance, and find out the type of case or lense people were using. The photos from the site look incredible, just a bit hard to believe. Wondering how much is true to life vs camera exposure. Feedback from anyone using these (or other rainbow boards) but mostly intersted in floodlight.
  2. I have just ordered my first (2) PC series kits (yay summer sale) and was wondering about the RS 485 adapter. I have a RS232 to RS485 adapter I used a while back for another project - its NOT LOR brand, and was just wondering what the chances of it working are ? It does have a seperate 5v power input. Anyone had any luck with non LOR converters ? I thought I read someplace that the d-light units could use anything, but the LOR units needed "something special" Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
  3. wondering if anyone has seen the CTB16PC Kit on sale. I have seen many posts talking about spring and summer sales, and wanted to know what the average price was for thise units during sale time ( or IF they even discount the kits) trying to decide if I should buy now or wait if its worth the $$. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info. I'll check out the 6000. I DONT WANT TO TRANSMITT 1/2 mile. Im looking for something LESS powerfull, and less expensive. Only trying to cover a couple hundred feet, maybe a block. looking to spend 100.00 or less The 6000 series may be a good fit. I really dont understand people trying to transmitt 1/2 mile, or more - People cant see your lights that far away (unless you live on a mountian or a huge open field) whats the point? I'm just looking for low power.
  5. Not looking to go a mile this way or that, I know EDM Design has great stuff, but its slow to shipp, and more powerfull than I need. I just want to go a 1 block radius. Any sugestions ? Anyone used the C. Crane trnasmitter?
  6. I agree with Westport - Its the waveform. I dont know how sensitive the LOR board is, but a lot of delicate electronics has problems with anything other than a true Sine wave. Most inverts use a square wave or some other type of modified sine wave. Although you CAN buy sine wave inverters, you will likely find small generator to be cheaper. generators use an AC type motor, and in most cases, produce a good looking sine wave. I'd still recomend a good line conitioner or UPS with the generator as voltage can spike / sag on start / stop.
  7. As a DSL Tech, I would say your signal level is probably on the lower end of the spectrum. DSL is very sinsitive to noise. I have seen may things "knock out" DSL. I strongly suspect your phone line is nicked / spliced / or cut into in the ground. The lor unit could be kicking up some EMI, and maybe another controller has better grounding or something, but I still think a bad junction or cable cut is exposing the telephone line. I'd run another line from the lil green phone box at the street to the house - I bet that also solves the problem.
  8. Looking over some of the DIY parts, Is there any technical difference between the CTB16KD & CTB16PC - other than heatsink options. I have read several times over that this the "original Planet Christmas" version - Does it take the latest LOR firmware ? is it still DMX compadible ? (those are the only thing that really matter to me) Just wondering if there are any technical differences. Thanks.
  9. This could be part of the "alarm" request thread, but it sounds like most of those folks are interested in missing controllers, not missing lights. Something to think about - My experience before LOR was in the theatre with a lot of ETC brand dimming and control. ETC dimming racks (and several others) have a neat little feature that could be quite help full to some in the LOR world in alerting to shorts, blown lights, or stolen lights. I strongly suspect it would make the controller a bit more costly.... On the Dimming rack, voltage & current sensors are added to each channel. during c
  10. Im very new to LOR, and still learning the software, but wanted to throw this out there. It appears as if the MIDI wizzard will take "midi notes" and let me transpose those to chanels of onn and off according to the midi - and thats about it. At the moment my light display (hardware and software) is based around midi rather than LOR / DMX /RS 48x Ironically, I come from a theatre background with a lot of experience with DMX. I chose to build my rig out of MIDI based controlers because the programing is much more natural. It seems to me one area the LOR software lacks is the ability to do a
  11. I completely understand, I should have been more clear, yes those are the type of LED's im refering to - 2 diodes in one lamp / unit where reversing the polarity causes a second color. I used to buy them at radio shack years ago.... I'm basically just interested to know if anyone has seen light strands made with those type of LED's. And yes, I further understand LED's in a string are likey to be "ac" down the cord, therefore reversing the polarity woudl have no effect, but I believe I have seen some rope light (and other types ) that are DC down the string, in this setup with a multicolor l
  12. I have seen plenty of places to buy led lights. I know some of the lights have the ability to change colors. Its pretty comon to get an LED when you reverse the polarity, it changes color. I was wondering if anyone had found a source for led strands where they have a controller or seperate power leads for different colors - this would allow 1 strand of lights to provide multiple colors, and not eat as many chanels. also save time and cost on hanging muptiple strings
  13. If you are lucky enough to have a FRY's Electronics in your town, they sell pretty mutch the same thing called kill a watt http://www.frys.com/product/5883653?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG it lists for 19.95 I have never used anything other than a DMM to check for load, even then, never compared a "clamp on" type probe to a meter wired in series - wonder if anyone has done that. I always expected the series wired one to be more accurate. I only used the clamp on type to check loads on "show power" big dimming racks for theatrical lighting, generators, that sort of thing - usually a couple hund
  14. I cant help but think of the Christian Slater movie - Pump up the volume http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi3734831385/ He runs a pirate radio station, and in a great chase sceen at the end straps a transmitter to his jeep, running around the town with the fcc chasing after him. It does supprise me that the fcc has the resources (and cares enough) to track down pirate radio's. but I fully understand and support the reasons for doing so. It just seems like people that would have run these rigs in years past would have upgraded to facebook, twitter, or something internet based to get ther
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