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  1. Kinda fell behind due to the military and running. Ive actually had to delay the lighting by a week. I am looking for the following sequences. Especially with CCR arches. What does the fox say - Ylvis Straight No Chaser - Christmas CanCan and 12 Days TSO - Mad Russian Whats This - Nightmare before Christmas. My email is navykidd02 (at)yahoo.com Thanks So Much. I know you all are just as busy on your shows.
  2. Well I am officially so far behind I need to call in the calvary to help me finish. Could I please get a copy. navykidd02@yahoo.com
  3. Bob could you share some of your sequences for CCR...navykidd02@yahoo.com
  4. Could you send me some of those sequences for CCR. I am on the learning curve too so ID LOVE to learn from your sequence. navykidd02@yahoo.com
  5. Terry Hight wrote: Alright Terry, PLEASE PLEASE post how you did this in more detail. I would LOVE to do this. It looks amazing.
  6. Hey Jacob, I am working on the layout for the display and the LED Switch. Could you give me the power specs for the C9 Retro fits in Red, Green and White bulbs?
  7. Jacob, I am at work and would like to place an order, when are you going to stop taking them today?
  8. You may be, I have a buddy that is a DJ. He made me a 3 min dubstep mix of christmas music. I dont have a video of it yet. I would love to see yours.
  9. Yep sure did..i know when there is a reply to a forum i post to it shoots me an email. Just as a pm would.
  10. Hey Randy. I am a LOR user in San Diego. I would like to come see your show and maybe talk with you and brandon about your show.
  11. navykidd02

    SPT WIre

    Thanks Guys, I live in San Diego so no Menards. I found a deal around town for buy 1 get 1 free cords but id rather make custom lengths. Its alot better for me. They have white SPT2 cord too but id rather do clear. Right now they are out of brown so it looks like im gonna go with clear or white to finish my two spiral trees. UGH
  12. navykidd02

    SPT WIre

    So I purchased 1000 ft of SPT1 wire from CDI. WELL I used it all, I like the idea of making my own extension cords. All i can find right now is clear SPT1 wire at Lowes. Do you think that would be a problem with making cables? If not i will just purchase a ton of extension cords.
  13. Thanks Jerry, That helped alot. Still had some wrapping issues but I this wrap much better then the other. My wife and mother said they look the same but to the trained eye I hate the other one. So for now it is gonna have to do. Thanks alot I put up pics later.
  14. Jerry, so I loved your tree so much I decided to sequence it then build it. YEAH well my show goes live in 5 days and was able to finish one but the wrapping just isnt right. I did the 4" spacing on the screws but the spiral just doesnt look good. ANY tips would help how you did the spiral. I have one more to go. I was breaking down your video and it looks like you have about 26 screws in the uprights. I only have 22. What spacing is on your tree.
  15. Makes it seem like I did a poor job. Kevin You did an AMAZING job. But you dont need to hear that from me. I am sure you get that alot. I am a fellow LOR user in San Diego so I would love to get together sometime and talk LOR.
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