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  1. What would be the symptoms of having a cat5 cable too close to extension cords? As I was watching last night, the problems seemed to have changed a bit, and was seeing the problems over several sequences. Strange shimmer-like effects over several channels, and they almost seemed to pulsate with the music. I do have the cat5 cable from the affected controller laying with several extension cords. I have never had issues with this before, but I have read where it can cause problems. Edit: Re-routed cat5 cable and seems to have solved my problems. I can't say I'm 100% sure with a daytime test,
  2. My home depot had wire, but it was quite a bit more expensive than the vendors shown above. Unfortunately I ran out at the last minute and had to get it from them anyway. They did not have the vampire plugs though.
  3. Dan, sorry but I didn't send the sequence this morning. Got home this morning and I've been trying to sleep off a sinus bug. I will let the show run tonight and try to note the times of the problems, then send it in late tonight or in the morning. I'm also gonna try to get some video footage as well.
  4. Thanks, Dan. I'm at firehall today with no access to the file, but I will get it to you first thing in the morning.
  5. The Verifier has been run, and the only indications it showed were instances of channels being off for the entire sequence. I also have one very short voiceover with no light activity at all, and it showed that as well, but it didn't return any results that I didn't expect.
  6. Live lights. Everything looks good in the visualizer. Problems are occurring whether running during a show or from sequence editor. Also the strings in question are 100 ct incandescents-no LEDs involved in this particular issue.
  7. I have one sequence that is acting strange. I have an outline of my garage door, front porch area, and two large windows, each with 3 colors on seperate channels (total of 12 channels). I noticed last night that during one particular sequence, the porch channel fades are different than the others; very jerky and erratic. Other sequences are fine. I checked the sequence in the editor and everything appears to be the same. I even went as far as to re-draw all 12 channels with no different result. I'm suspecting a corrupted sequence, but would like to hear if anyone else has any ideas. BTW, thi
  8. Yes...once you have reached the "stop" time, your show will finish its course, and then end. It may end 11:05, or it may run for another hour...it depends on the length of your show and how much of it is left when you pass that "stop" time.
  9. Upon further investigation, I don't think its a fade issue after all, because they're NOT fading. They're either off or on, with random "flickering". I'm thinking I need a snubber on the affected circuits. I haven't really read up on this, as I thought it was mainly seen on channel with numerous strings. These circuits each have 3 ea 100ct strings, and they're not even plugged end-to-end.
  10. I'm about halfway converted to led for this season, but having trouble finding the sweet spot for matching the fade rates (led vs incandescent). Using 100ct C6 pure white, red and green from CDI, as well incandescents of the same colors. Anybody out there mastered a similar configuration and know the "magic numbers"?
  11. captainron19 wrote: That is the most awesome video EVER!!!
  12. Thanks!!! You nailed it. I just used my .bak file to repair it.
  13. I was sequencing, and one minute everything was just great. I closed out of one sequence, opened another, and BOOM...my animation window was horizontally cut in half. No matter what I do, I only see the top half of my animation. This is only on one sequence; all others seem fine. Rebooting laptop didn't help.
  14. I'm feeling pretty good about my status. Have almost all of my "build" stuff done. However, I am a bit behind on sequencing. Once this weekend is over, I should be finished completely with construction duties, and will focus on sequencing until actual set-up time.
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