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  1. Make sure windows update is turned off too. If updates are automatically installing it may be forcing a reboot of your computer
  2. Silly question .... in the hardware utility you did change each unit ID to be from 1 to 9 didn't you? Hook up your first unit...HU find it? Add another, refresh the HU, it should have found both. If so add the third. Keep doing this until you find the first unit that isn't found, replaced that cat five cable.
  3. Don't know why being off a couple of seconds is critical but... you can open each sequence and see how long it is.. add them up.
  4. As long as you have properly assigned each light string to the proper controller/channel according to your new set up AND you have either changed or imported the new channel configuration into every sequence you should be good to go.
  5. What you found out is something that has been discussed in many places on this forum but bears repeating as the season heats up. DO NOT try to wrap your connections. Don't wrap them in electrical tape, don't cover them in plastic bags.... all this will accomplish is to hold water in the connection causing a trip! On light strings, if you have an open female end, try to point it down so water drains out. Connections to extension cords, lift them off the ground a couple of inches so they don't lay in puddles. No matter how good you think you are "waterproofing" your connection, you will FAIL.. water will find its way in and then pool there because you have trapped it.
  6. I always use the process of elimination to track down problems like this. unplug all your cat 5 cables and then connect only one controller. Everything working? HU finding only one? Good, now add another; same tests. Eventually you will come across the one that causes your lights to do funny things and your HU to find nonexistent controllers. Once you find that connection you can begin to trouble shoot it.
  7. I did get it to work perfectly. I don't remember all the details but my mistake, as I recall, was in the sequence editor and not assigning the channels correctly. As is usually the case, after hours of frustration and looking at all the far flung things that could be wrong it turned out to be simple operator error.
  8. You shouldn't have any problem with that setup.
  9. I keep my controllers as close to their props as possible..the less extension cord length the btter! While I agree and use most of the security tips stated above, I also use 1/4" cable to secure EVERYTHING in my yard together ending at a tree. Cable and clamps are cheap. Since most theft is spur of the moment, grab and run type of theft (they aren't carrying bolt cutters with them) they had better have a really big truck because they are either taking it all or none!
  10. A lot of this sounds like overkill and worrying over things you don't need to overkill or worry about. Keep your connections off the ground, and you should be good. Don't tape or wrap bags around your connections as you will most likely end up with them full of water (which is why you need to keep them off the ground). In the 9 years I have done this I have had only one GFCI pop once. I run my show non-stop all season... rain... snow... sleet... all the stuff the mailman goes through. My secret, keep your connections off the ground. No more no less.
  11. Awesome job. Since you are now hooked.... what's new for next year???
  12. I don't have a computer with HU on it available so I can't be more detailed, but in HU there is a checkbox about reversing the order, if it is checked, uncheck it or vice versa. That will solve your problem.
  13. Does it lock up at the same point/song? If so check the song to make sure it is in a supported format, constant bit rate etc.
  14. These units are VERY fussy on the brand of card you use.
  15. ou can hook them up in any order your little 'O heart desires.
  16. Does the HU find them all? Also, what license level are you? You need advanced or higher to run more than 8 controllers.
  17. Agree with above. Make sure your songs are constant bit rate so that doesn't happen. I use 0.05 timing on all my songs. No need to get more accurate as the human eye won't pick it up.
  18. I just did up an animation sequence for my work party and ran it through the MP3 Director no problems. Create and save your animation sequence. Fire up the HU and run through the steps to save it to the SD card. Director units can be picky on the type of SD card you use. If you are having issues try another card.
  19. I agree with the above. While it may be too late to put this genie back in the bottle, I would work really hard to try and get them to not give any location information or you may get a response that neither you nor your neighbors expected or wanted. Every year on this board we read about shows shutting down (sometimes for good) due to the huge crowds that showed up after news coverage. Many years ago when I lived in moderate size town in a different state and was only doing this a few years the local weekly rag... that no one reads... called and wanted to take some pictures and run a story. I said yes. The picture was on the front page and the story buried inside. My ego felt great! Two days after the story ran and for the next 2 1/2 I had two of the town's police cars out front, lights flashing, doing traffic control. I had car accidents, angry drivers. Luckily I had a farm across the street and no neighbors really close so I didn't have them ticked at me. Lesson learned for me. I now turn down all interview requests and cringe when a viewer posts a video of my house on Facebook.
  20. Changes the controller? How do you have it hooked up? You should be running an RCA cable from the audio out of your computer or show director into the transmitter. I can't imagine how it could change a controller ID! Changes the controller? How do you have it hooked up? You should be running an RCA cable from the audio out of your computer or show director into the transmitter. I can't imagine how it could change a controller ID!
  21. Hook up one controller, check in HU...find it? Add another and repeat. Keep going until you isolate the problem controller or cable.
  22. Run your show/sequences through the verifier program. It will help identify any conflicts.
  23. It's not that hard. Follow the directions in the book. I'm in Lewisville and can help if you need it.
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