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I no longer visit this website, I am ONLY on FB,

if there is something you want,

you MUST go to the FB LOR UG or Sequencing page.


Aye 'tis a sad life indeed tha' 'as nigh breathed deep this' sweet proliferous bouquet tha' is Tortuga, savvy? I tell ya 'mate, if every port be like this one, no man would e'er feel unwanted... Jack Sparrow

I be jus' a scurvy scallywagged swash-buckeling pirate, born in NJ, grew up in Virginia, and seein' th' job market fer pirates nigh really there, I became an airline pirate. Now livin' in the Valley (SURFACE) of the Sun, Phoenix, an' flying for a major airline. Wife (Tia Dalma), 2 girls(town wenches) and a scurvy dog..

I'm reeeeeally big into Halloween and Christmas displays.. if it's not pirates, talking skeletons or ghosts, it's THOUSANDS of christmas lights (25,300 in 2011) blinkin' to music simul-cast on 99.1FM !! Be sure to check my videos on YouTube and Vimeo!!

Facebook page: Haunts On Hopi, Lights On Hopi



I no longer visit this website.  I am ONLY on FB.

If there is something you want,

you must look in the FB LOR UG, or Sequencing Page.

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