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  1. Glennz

    Dmx and wireless

    I guess I need more details. This a dedicated wireless network and I only have 50 rgb's. I used to have 45k lights but sold my house and travel the country in my rv. Just throwing some automated super star sequences together. The comm listener seems to be working. It gets no errors when it connects to the universe and IP on start up. In Sequence Editor should the channels be showing up as dmx or LOR? They are defaulted to LOR. I changed a few the dmx but still did not work.
  2. My question is I have a laptop that I would like to use wirelessly to control my rgb lights. I am using a SAN controller and have sucessfull control over it via my laptop wirelessly through my router. In LOR network setup under dmx i set up universe 1, use e1.31, entered the IP of the SAN device, port 5568 but when I try sequence editor to control the lights I get nothing. Any ideas? Is the wireless router doing something different when it sees LOR rather then me using a browser/IP to address the SAN board?
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