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  1. I was looking for a way to transfer the saved zoom positions from one sequence to another.
  2. Have you considered saving the zoom level in the Grid Configuration Export file?
  3. I'd like to point out that I was offering my opinion for the benefit of the OP, as an alternative approach.
  4. I just discovered a neat S5 feature: You can set a different Preview zoom and position for each different grid view. This is very nice for a display like mine that is composed of 5 different houses. I have a different grid view for each house, and just notice that if I zoom into that house while viewing its grid view, it automatically switches to the same zoom position when I go back to that grid view later. Neat! However, it doesn't seem to happen every time. Is this an intentional feature? Is this setting stored in the Grid Configuration (export), or is it internal to the mach
  5. I have a background sequence that keeps a channel on with inflatables and other stuff. If I update a sequence (or even worse, the Preview), the show player will stop everything while it converts and compresses that sequence. During this time, it seems to stop the background sequence, and even stops sending heartbeats on the network, meaning all the lights, inflatables, radio receiver, etc. shut down for a while. This is not a disaster, but it happens near the beginning of the show when we are most likely to be watching. I don't mind the show pausing for a bit, but it would be really
  6. If you want both versions on one machine, your options are a container (like docker), or a VM.
  7. The best way to do it between different songs is to use a timing grid based on the beat, for both songs. Then copy and paste by cell.
  8. Get something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-ThinkCentre-Professional-Certified-Refurbished/dp/B075FHNZC8 for less than $200. Put it in your garage (with a UPS), and put in on your home LAN so you can transfer sequences to it. Do your sequencing on your laptop, and transfer the sequences to your mini computer over the network.
  9. Is this a 4-color super string? If so, I would recommend making a single prop of shape "Lines-Connected", 1 segment, "Traditional", type "Channel per color", then select the colors in that super string. If it's really 4 separate props, distinct from one another, you can select the prop from the list on the left, then move it either using the mouse, or by "nudging" it using the arrow keys.
  10. How do you do this when you sequence on a different computer from the show computer? If you copy 1 .loredit sequence to the show computer does it update the Preview for all the other sequences, or do you have to export and import the Preview on the show computer?
  11. If your new channels don't match exactly, I found a solution: I created my Preview from scratch, because I never did a Visualization. Make a copy of the Preview, named "Old..."; Change the channels to match the S4 sequence. Import the S4 sequence to the "Old..." sequence. Switch the Preview to the current.
  12. That's how I was doing it, but since I have over a dozen of these, that was a lot of copy and pasting. My new way seems to migrate all the channels at the same time.
  13. I hate to be difficult, but isn't this what timing marks are for?
  14. I found a solution. It appears that importing from an S4 RGB channel to a S5 multi-channel string just doesn't work. The solution is to do it in 2 steps: First, I created a copy of my Preview in which I changed the multi-channel RGBW strings to a dumb RGB string + a white string. Then I used this "Old Christmas" preview to convert the S4 sequence. Finally, I changed the preview to the "Christmas" preview, and the channels got migrated correctly.
  15. I use the shutdown sequence to play an announcement that says: "The show is finished for tonight. Come back tomorrow at 5:30 to see it play again." I also have a few channels (like the "Tune Radio to..." sign) that I want on for the entire show, but I want to flash on my "Christmas Dance Party" sequences. I do this by setting the show to leave channels on at the end of sequences, so the radio sign stays on while the next sequence is loaded. Because of this, like you, my shutdown sequence has to turn it off. It also runs a Windows command that sends a home automation signal to turn th
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