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  1. ?? This is NOT my post. Don't know how you got linked to me.... I'm NOT "Mike H"
  2. Are you referring to the HolidayCoro web site or the LOR web site? I've been all over the HC web site and am comfortable I have "wired" everything as defined in their material. They think it is an LOR issue... I tested 2 LOR controller with the 485 USB Dongle... the CMB24D works just fine. When connecting to the HC controller, nothing works....
  3. So, I'm still here trying to get the my AlphaPix Evolution to talk to the CMB24D. The AlphaPix has a RS485 interface. It is a 3-pos screw terminal pos1 = "DMX+", pos 2 = "DMX-" and pos 3 = "gnd". Doc for the AlphaPix says the Cat5 BLUE wire is goes into pos 1 and the BLUE/WHT wire goes into pos 2. DONE. doesn't work (Red LED on CMB24D continues to flash). Tried swapping the BLUE and BLUE/WHITE wires... not change. (BTW the LOR/DMX jumpers are set to LOR). My CMB24D is 3-4 yrs old. Is it possible the firmware needs to be updates? Does the CMB24D need to be configured somehow to enable
  4. Here's my setup: AlphaPix ORG/WHT to DMX+, ORG to DMX-, CMB24D: LOR/DMX jumpers set to DMX Power ON, red light on CMB24D flashes.... plug CAT5 cable in, red light continues to flash.... no change never goes to solid. ??? Suggestions...
  5. I believe I had the orange & white/orange wires connected to the AlphaPix. The CMB24D I have has jumpers to set based on LOR or DMX. They are set for LOR. There are two RS485 connectors on the AlphaPix. They are 3-position screw terminals The signals on these connectors are "DMX+", "DMX-", and "GND". According to HolidayCoro I don't need to connect anything to GND, I'm connecting the orange/white wire (1) to DMX+ and the orange wire (2) to DMX-. Does this sound correct? Given this hookup the protocol jumpers (DMX vs LOR) should be set to LOR, correct?
  6. I'm convinced!.. There are two HolidayCoro videos on how to connect the AlphaPix to an LOR controller. One shows it connecting the Orange & Orange/White wire into the AlphaPix RS485 connector, the other shows the Blue and Blue/White wires. Which is the correct method? What configuration are you using?
  7. Haven't gotten that far. When I initially powered up the CMB24D, the red "power" light flashed (no connection). When I inserted the modified Cat5 cable between the AlphaPix and CMB24D, the light went solid (verifying connection). I've toyed around with addressing, etc. and NO LUCK. I appreciate your suggestions and willingness to help but I think I am going to just "bite the bullet" and purchase some smartLED floods that I can connect to an unused port on the AlphaPix......
  8. My controller is the AlphaPix Evolution, configured as E1.31. It contains two RS485 ports (no bridge). Per instructions from HolidayCoro, I hardwire a Cat5 cable: BLUE wire to DMX- and BLUE/WHITE wire to DMX+ on the controller RS485 port. On the AlphaPix setup, I've enabled the RS485/DMX512 port with 50 universes and put a single LED on the "A" side, output 4, RED output for testing. There is a test mode in the AlphaPix setup which I have enabled, selected ALL LIGHTS and start..... RESULT: Lights connected to the AlphaPix cycle thru but the single LED on the CMB24D does not come on.
  9. Thanks to all.... it is clear that adding an LOR controller to an Ethernet network isn't going to work for me... Appreciate the responses!!😁
  10. I want to add a CMB24D to my existing E131 network. I know the CMB24D has jumpers to change the comm from LOR to DMX. My E131 network comes from my PC to a LAN SWITCH. I would connect the SWITCH. If this config will work, what would I use as the IP Address? I don't believe the CMB24D has one does it?
  11. Thanks Jim..... was afraid of that....!!
  12. Hello. I want to use a LOR Pixie16D controller in my xLights network. Would the setup be the same as using the AlphaPix controller as you have? If so, can you share how you setup your LOR controller for use in the xLights DMX/E1.31 environment? UPDATE: I now realize the AlphaPix controller is a HolidayCoro device. I have an AlphaPix Evolution device on my xLights network. It works fine. I want to add a LOR Pixie16D to the network but need help configuring it so xLights will "see" it. I'm using the LOR USB485 dongle to connect to the E1.31 network. Do I need a Cat5 CROSSOVER cable
  13. Issue resolved. I just deleted the EXISTING and OLD playback files and created new ones.
  14. I updated the media file on several working S5 sequences. On the Sequence Editor menu I selected SEQUENCE -> MEDIA FILE. I browsed my AUDIO files for the updated media file, selected it, clicked OPEN and saw the LOADING FILE message. When I click on PLAYBACK, it brings up a blank screen .... my PROPS are missing. If I click the PLAY button the music plays but the VERTICAL BAR that I normally see moving across the sequence tracking the playback does not move although the music is playing. The ONLY change I made was to select a different MP3 file, save the Sequence with same name and create
  15. I would like a copy sent to martoo@verizon.net I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share.
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