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  1. Thanks for the input on this and after doing more research...I have decided to place my light video's in the "made for kids" category to be on the safe side.
  2. I am wondering what everyone is doing with their YouTube videos with the new COPPA requirements being enforced by the FTC starting on Jan 1, 2020? Thanks,
  3. 21ft with out the star and 12ft diameter at the base
  4. The PVC will also work if you have a ridge vent on your house, It works just fine with mine. Just an FYI
  5. Originally I was going to clip the mini's on the steel rod, then I realized what a PITA it would be. So I just zip-tie the lights to the steel rod. It doesn't add any strength.
  6. I use 1/2" pvc to outline my roof. I have a "How To" on my website here: http://www.brownchristmaslightshow.com/roof-outline-lights.html
  7. Thanks for the info, I think I will go with HLE being they are a Michigan Business and I like to help out a local business when I can. Besides their prices are cheaper and have free shipping with a $1k+ order.
  8. Don, So how did your apples to apples comparison turn out. I plan on making a big investment in LED's for the 2013 show and I am debating between CDI and HLE. Thanks
  9. Matt, First...I have 10 - 20A GFCI on a 100amp Sub-Panel For your case... do you want to be able to draw 15amp from all 4 of your GFCI's. If so this is what you will need to do: Run a 14-3 gage wire (White color plastic cover with 4 wires inside, Black, Red, White, Bare Copper) note: [only if this is in the wall, if not use seperate wires in PVC conduit do not run Romex wire in PVC] from your box on the porch (sub-panel) to a box housing 2 - 15A GFCI's. In your sub-panel you will need two twin 15A breakers that hook up to each one of your 2 - Outlet boxes. Now for wiring it click on this
  10. Hopefully Menards will have Red and Green 100ct Mini's this year.
  11. True! Super Strings is what I meant, however I guess when you think about it is a Bundle, Damn now its getting confusing !
  12. The past two years I have outlined my roof with PVC that has 1/4" steel rod mounted to it with my Super Bundles (R,G,W) lights zip-tied to the 1/4" rod. Here is a link to my "How To" on this. Hope this helps. http://www.brownchri...ine-lights.html Here is one of the photos in the "How To":
  13. Matt, I did a "how to" for a subpanel. I am not a professional or licensed electrician but I do have lots of experience. If you have additional questions please feel free to pm me. http://www.brownchristmaslightshow.com/electrical.html
  14. Here is the design that I came up with a couple of years ago. It consists of using PVC to follow the roof outline. http://www.brownchristmaslightshow.com/roof-outline-lights.html Hope this helps,
  15. I would have to agree with friskybri. I have had my website through Weebly for 3 years now and love it. It's easy to work with and it doesn't cost anything. I did purchase my domain name from Go Daddy because it was cheaper than going through Weebly. However I have used buttons and page counters and such from other websites and just incorporated these elements via Weebly's HTML option. www.brownchristmaslightshow.com
  16. CKSedg wrote: others have tried this with not much luck...just remember, as you rotate the hoop, the strings will become shorter and the hoop will raise up your mast...may be very difficult to figure out the correct length that you will need for the light strings. If it is only going to be 12' high, I would attach the strings to the top and "walk" them around your tree... What about a 20+ foot tree? How do you walk them around without a terrible tangled mess? It does get into a very tangled mess when there is a wind and it took me about 4hr to sort and "walk" around 32 strands of light
  17. This was our first year of collecting donations. $1,883.85 for Capital Area Humane Society in Lansing, MI
  18. CKSedg wrote: I got the same! Probably because I didn't even go to a store today! I plan to buy what I need through CDI, so I can get the right colors. Same here and saving money for my first CDI order. Im out of power so it's time to start making the switch to LED.
  19. I did a 1 3/4 times around using 150ct minis on a 20' tall Mega Tree. I have 2 strands per channel on 16ch. Here is a short video of the spiral. Hope this helps, Jeremy B.
  20. I added the spiral to this years Mega Tree and I used 16ch with 32 strands (2 per ch) and love the effect and fullness of the tree. Here is a video of this years display with the Spiral-Mega Tree. Hope this helps. BTW the Mega is 20 foot tall and I used 150ct mini-lights from Target to do the spiral.
  21. DonFL wrote: Don, do you keep the cat5 wire connected or does it not matter? I have different channels come on at their own free will and they will stay on until that channel comes on in the sequence and then its back to normal. I have run the verifier and plan to do the reset tonight. Jeremy Brown
  22. Scott, Welcome to the world of craziness (in a good way!). If you find yourself in the Lansing area Nov 25- Jan 2, stop on by (send me a PM first so I can make sure I'm home) and I will show you around. And if you have any questions, just ask. Jeremy Brown
  23. Mark Showalter wrote: Multiple light strings twisted together to put more light bulbs in the same length of sting. Ditto above: However in my case, I have three different colors in the same strand. It helps cut down on set-up time. Also here is a photo of the 2011 Mega-Tree. You might be able to see the "spiral" lights which are new for 2011. Attached files
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