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  1. After 5? years, we still are usually empty. Thanksgiving had a few, but otherwise, a few a day at best. I'm always a bit disappointed. On the upside, a bit of my work is shown off a few minutes away at a tree seller. I feel happy to have something I do noticed.
  2. From what I've heard, a simple neon transformer would do the same thing, less elegantly, but much cheaper. It in itself is an ignition coil from a car or similar vehicle.
  3. Okay, thank you for the quick response!
  4. Is E1.31 in the software? Sorry for bumping, but I figured a new reply would be more attention than an edited one.
  5. Well, Since I already own the Advanced from before the tiers and activation were added, I would expect the update to S3 to be under $50, and with the same tier. Edit: sniped by Bob, Guess I should go to the Enttech Open DMX for 20 more to be sure. Edit2: Hmm, Maybe it is $45? Is E1.31 supported? I doubt it, but may as well ask.
  6. http://shop.martinxmas.com/product.php?id_product=47 I'm hoping to get DMX hardware and lights running this year and since it has been confirmed to have DMX support, will that adapter work for S3? I just want to make sure it does so I can setup without hiccups.
  7. Lets play guess the cheater, winner gets the ELL. My idea.
  8. Who did it! I hope they cancel the free ELL for those cheaters.
  9. I was curious if S3 will have the ability to turn a video into a sequence for pixels. I know LSP has this and it seems really useful to add some extra effects. If not, does S3 have any RGB features in store? On to the DMX. I was curious if you can divulge any more information about the new DMX adaptor. I heard it would be less than $50 and wanted to know if this is true. Also, if there is a release timeline aside from just "2011", it would be helpful.
  10. How about the PC powered DMX adaptor. Will it be out before the sale?
  11. I was just hoping on information on if it would be out next year in time for setup. I was checking the lynx for .63 a node and wanted to make some arches.
  12. Hello, I was curious about a cheaper DMX adaptor that used the pc as the processor. Dan said it would come out and I was wondering when. I was hoping to use DIY RGB nodes for cost and flexibility but the iDMX has too few channels. I was curious if there are any more details on the adaptor, or if it's still in progress. Pricing helps as well. Also, details of artnet would be nice too. On the topic of Cosmic color bulbs. Is there an approximate price point and release time? Also i was wondering if there would be RGB tools in the software and release estimates. I was hoping for pricing before
  13. Ok well i want to make it so i dont need to open up the box to connect the ethernet cable. Would a cat6 connector work?
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