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  1. Got a late start to the season, looking for any help. jasonschell7@hotmail.com
  2. i would love a copy... jasonschell7@hotmail.com
  3. would love a copy jasonschell7@hotmail.com THANK YOU
  4. Struggling with programming these, is there anywhere to buy any or even share possibly. This is apparently over my head! Thanks jasonschell7@hotmail.com
  5. Hi, looking for Rock Ye Merry Gentleman! Have Sequence for 16 x 25 Pixel Tree, looking to match rest of lights with that. Thanks in advance jasonschell7@hotmail.com
  6. I have the sequence for this on pixel tree, need for 32 channels or more of regular lights. jasonschell7@hotmail.com THANK YOU
  7. Yes sorry, bad English Tree sequence just seem twisted Image facing to left and should be facing more right on 16 x 25 pixel tree
  8. Sorry to be a pain. Got that all fixed. some things on the tree are facing side instead of front. Is there an easy fix to rotate everything?
  9. That's whats wrong, my unit Id are to start at 3, sequence has them starting at 1
  10. it shows action in the SS Sequencer but doesn't play those channels during live sequence outside
  11. Hey Brian, Any Idea why channels 7 and 8 have no sequencing on them?
  12. Thanks Brian, That was the problem, Got it now! THANKS
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