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  1. Take a look at this, its a presentation that goes into running LOR in DMX mode http://auschristmaslighting.com/forums/index.php/topic,1139.msg9601.html#msg9601 You will have to be a member to download
  2. This would also have to do with the bins the LEDs come from. there is a reason why rays lights are cheap and thats because he uses lower quality binned LEDs and maybe the red output may not be as good as what it should be so instead they crank up the Red LED that little more to make it look better
  3. My calculation put the resistor value for the red if using a forward voltage of 2.3 volts per LED and 18.5mA output from the 2811 as being a value of approx 330ohm The reistor value for the green and blue if the forward voltage is 3.2 volts would be approx 150 ohms. So looking at this it appears the Red resistor value is actually too low and this may be the reason for the reds mainly failing.
  4. You are correct that they use a dropping resistor for the 12vdc individual lights, but what you find is that they usually drive the LED at 1/2 the current and will output around at 9.5mA, the reason for this is to reduce the wasted heat energy that needs to be dissipated through the drop down resistor and reduces heat issues. The effect that this has on light output is hardly noticeable as we don't see LED light dimming as linear so when the current is reduced for the LEDs then we don't perceive a great deal of difference. This would be more noticeable using a light meter and maybe the amount
  5. This thread goes into the differences between 5vdc and 12vdc strings http://auschristmaslighting.com/forums/index.php/topic,2595.0.html
  6. Unfortunatly thats the way its is, DIY = lower cost more effort LOR = Higher cost less effort So you must put a value on your time to see which would be the best way to go.
  7. There will be some delay on start up like around 5 seconds. For me my whole show was turned on and off by one switch, so im one of those that powers down all my controllers when the show isnt running. There isnt really any harm with taking either direction, each one has there pros and cons
  8. I have used an EDM for the last 5 years and have found it to be rock solid with excellent range, sound quality and reliability. Well worth the price
  9. Mathematically this works out to be 20ma per LED controlled section per colour, so 60mA per section when white 60mA x 50 individually controlled sections = 3 amps 3 amps x 12 strips = 36 amps at 12vdc so 36 amps at 110v will equal just under 4 amps
  10. If all the OP wants to do is add some dumb RGB lights to be used for floods then all he needs is the LOR CMB24D and a 12volt power supply. This way you dont need to worry about using DMX and can keep your system simple using the LOR protocol.
  11. Another thing to check is that you dont have a bad connection that is causing high resistance and causing additional voltage loss as this will show up as a pinkish white
  12. I use LOR controllers to drive 6803 modules and I control the CCR strip using a J1sys P12R controller, have been for the last 2 years with no issues. The issue is LOR S3 not having the easy ability to change the RGB orientation so if using a CCR controller with LOR S3 then be prepared to manually assign the channels in the correct order to get the right RGB combination if using third party 6803 strip or modules or strings.
  13. We have a description for your condition and most of us suffer from it You have the CLAP . . . . . . Christmas Lighting Addiction Problem Welcome to the hobby
  14. What you find is that you will get more distance and less voltage drop if you concentrate on using either single colours or 2 mixed colours, When calculating the estimated voltage drop we always base the calculation on when the LEDs are White (all 3 colors on) as this is the maximum current that will be drawn. This will show voltage drop the most because you end up with a pinkish white colour which becomes more pronounced the further down the strip. So one way to also over come this issue and gain longer distance is to drop your intensity levels to about 80% when using white as this will not
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