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  1. To close the loop here, the Dongle Drivers appear to have been the source of my issues. Thank you to all for chiming in to assist. Once I connected the LOR 485 Dongle, the PC loaded the drivers thus solving my issues. Business travel got in the way of me shifting off of the LOR Dongle and back to e1.31, but we have now finished that transition and are fully up and going with e1.31 Thanks!
  2. Brian, I did think of this potential conflict and was careful to physically close out applications to ensure only one software was attempting to multicast at a time. However, I cannot say for sure if things really closed out beyond the scenes. I will try a clean reboot as I cycle between S3 and Xlights as a precaution -- it can't hurt. I will also ensure LOR Control Panel is not set to load on boot. Jim, Thanks for the info. I can say that when I was testing e1.31 comms, I had NOT yet connected the LOR dongle. I will need to revisit this now that I have a LOR dongle connected as my "Pla
  3. Thank you for the response. I have tried both static and DHCP addresses on the PC - all within range of the bridge. The bridge has a static IP set to on a 192.168.0.x network. One suggestion I received was to set the PC address to because that is what they had seen work with a ethercon gateway from J1sys. I tried it and it did not seem to have an effect, but it did change the subnet from to and I was wondering if that would make a positive difference for me.
  4. Hi! I am drawing a blank on additional testing steps to try and thought I would throw my question out to the group. I successfully used the router and e1.31 bridge combination in 2012, and now have changed show computers and updated software which has resulted in what appears as no communications. Hardware Chain - PC: Windows 7 Ultimate, wired Ethernet Router: Netgear router e1.31 Bridge: RPM (Robert P Martin of martinxmas.com) Controllers: LOR running in DMX Mode Channels: I am running LOR (dmx mode) on U1, and RGB Pixels on U2-4 Software: LOR S3 - network settings are e1.31 multicast for
  5. Thank you! Excellent guide and videos. Sadly, it looks like I need to make my RGB track, and start ungrouping them to break out the R+G+B, and then re grouping them by Element+Color. More of a brute force method required to setup the software, but once complete - it should offer all of the flexibility that I need. Again, thank you! vdipaola - saw your note after I posted the response. This should do the trick as well and would be faster to commission. Thanks to both of you for assisting.
  6. Hello, I am looking to copy and paste from a different channel into a RGB channel. When I do so, the effects transfer, but come in as RED. Is it possible to highlight the effect and change the color? My needs are simple - green and red only. My hope was to borrow from the non-rgb sequence areas to populate the RGB effects. Not sure it is going to work like I want it to. Thank you in advance, Chris
  7. I too am looking forward to e1.31 support. That will be the tipping point for me to get S3. Thank you LOR!
  8. Yes, the copper is the same, but the outer jacket is thicker. I find that rabbits in my area do not damage the spt2 like they do the spt1. Additionally, I have a brick home. The rubbing around corners is another reason I went for the SPT2 to reduce the likelyhood of damaging the cords during set up and tear down from year to year. this is one of those personal preference things. Paul from CDI sells what he calls spt3. This is the same as spt1 in thickness of jacket, but there is an additional UV inhibitor in the jacket to in theory make it last longer in the sun.
  9. jimswinder wrote: Jim, Not sure if you have a costco near you, but my costco is selling 100' 12 gauge (yellow) extention cords for $27. I put the controllers on each side of the house and grouped them to a common back board. I screwed the back board to two 6 foot stakes from the fencing section of home depot. Once those were in the ground, you would need to be determined to make off with them. I may end up putting in some masonry anchors into the brick of my house and install the backboard to that next year - only to add more time needed to make off with them in the future. I did not
  10. Love the site and thank you for doing it! I would agree that adding a field for the number of channels would be helpful - mostly as a search criteria. If you can add a field for a video link, that too would be cool to see the sequence as it was designed. If it were me, I would simply have contributors provide a link to the audio clip on a legal download site - like amazon. Then, you could inject a referral ID and make a penny or two for each song purchased. You deserve the right to make a referral fee for generating business for the music download! You can have an additional check box fo
  11. shiner

    XMAS Flood

    I read the thread and understand about release dates. I work for a major manufacturer and we do not publicly announce product unless it is shipping in less than 90 days. So, I get that part. Like many others, I was under the impression that the XMAS Flood was production and sale ready when it was purchased by LOR from Craig. If that was the case - what is the delay? From the posts I have read, pictures I have seen, and videos I have watched - the product looks better than any DIY product people are trying to do. During the 2009 season, I visited three different displays this year using di
  12. shiner

    XMAS Flood

    BUMP this is getting old
  13. Well... it does not appear to be the controller afterall. After getting a little sleep, I discovered - it is a showtime controller and not a pc kit. I had a lightbulb moment and elected to swap out the element with one I know ramps properly. So, by swapping two channels and using the console, I can see that the problem follows the lights and not the channel....... Hey - on the bright side - I had one extra red LED strand that I didnt use.... so I have a replacement (as long as it is only one...)
  14. This channel is assigned to the red circuit on a front tree. There is an identical tree opposite it, and in general, most of the programming for these two elements are the same. I noticed in one song that the left tree would not fade out like the other did. Instead, when they both reached what I perceive to be 0% in LOR, they go out - one decrementing from 100% to 0% and the other acting as if there was an OFF programmed instead of a ramp down. After editing the show video, I can now see that this happens in every song. The channel does not seem to ramp down. The channel does ramp up, tw
  15. +1 to the choir I thought I needed 1000', but listened to the guys who said buy double what you think.... I am out...and need more... This quantity eluded me and I made a stab at it. However, I added mini-trees after I ordered the cable and that did me in. I have 16 trees. 8 to a side, and the first one is at 60ft. from the controller. I then spaced them 18" apart, so doing the math, that adds up FAST per color: 60+58.5+57+55.5+54+52.5+51+49.5 = 438 / side!!!! I used 876 of my 2000 just for white... I also added one circuit for green on each side and one for red on each side, for anot
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