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  1. I should know the answer to this because I think I read it somewhere before but I am feeling my age :) I have a pixie 16 CCR2 tree, 4- CCR1 circles, and 4 RGB arches which is 2 CCR-2 and I am adding another pixie 8 CCR2 prop Can I run this all over 1 USB45-HS or is there a limit as to how many pixels per network? Thanks in advance
  2. I have but not with SS. There are question when creating a prop fro SS. Like" Do you force a row" or asking if you want to use your sequence numbers vs letting SS figure it out. I will have to read about it.
  3. i see, so i ill have to make a visualization of my matrix in the visualizer and import it into SS. when i export , i then choose visualization and not ccr. is that correct?
  4. I Have a matrix sequence in superstar that is 24 rows x50 pixels. . My dmx matrix is 12- 100 rgb nodes. Each 100 nodes is one dmx universe divided into 1-50 and 51-100. It starts with universe one at the bottom right and after 50 bulbs the string zig zag back so each string is 2 rows. Rows 1-2, 3-4, etc...when I export tmy SS sequence into Lms format, I get a mirror image so the writing is backward, so in order to read it correctly I would have to stand behind the matrix. Is this an issue I can correct in superstar or do I have to do something is S4? Thx
  5. Thanks so much for the quick responses. . I have an updated 40 CCR license so I am good to go. I am hoping that with only a few pixels on each side that it wont make much of a difference in term of how it looks. ,, Thanks
  6. If I have a SUP matrix sequence that fits a matrix which is for CCB's 12 strands x 50 bulbs but I have a physical matrix of 11 x 46. Is there a way to get this sequence to fit the smaller matrix without losing data? Or if not, is there a way to center the sequence in superstar so instead of losing 4 pixels on one side, you lose 2 pixels on each side? and one pixel line on the top and on eon the bottom instead of 2 on the top? Thanks
  7. May I get a copy as well. Thx so much ajfelice@verizon.net
  8. James, if you would be so kind, i would like a copy as well. thanks so much ajfelice@verizon.net
  9. If you wouldn't mind, I would luv a copy too. I am trying to sequence this but it is so hard. Thx musicman20190@gmail.com
  10. I have the original CCR's for my tree and I ran them (12) on a separate (fast) network. Last year I bought and used the newer CC-II with a 16 pixie controller. This year I would like to add back the original 12 CCRs to make a matrix, 4 more old CCRs for circles and another new CCR-II with a pixie2D controller for my arches. At this point I am only using USB outputs and have a rs485 adapter for my basic controllers and the rs485-HS for the CCR's. I have a few questions: 1) is there a maximum number of CCR's one can run on a high speed network before there is lag? 2) Can you
  11. Maybe its old school but I have used The LOR interface this for years
  12. i set the unit ID on the pixie 16 controller to # 2. so the unit ID's for the board should run 2-11 However, if I disconnect power and then replug in the pixie unit, When i refresh in HU it lists pixie as unit 1 again Any ideas?
  13. i set the unit ID on the pixie 16 controller to # 2. so the unit ID's for the board should run 2-11 However, if I disconnect power and then replug in the pixie unit, When i refresh in HU it lists pixie as unit 1 again Any ideas?
  14. Several of my old CCR strips are not working hence instead of replacing them, I decided to buy the CCR II with the pixie 16D board. I'll have to decide how to use what is left from the old CCR's. Although I will not get to it this year, when you say that the 12 CCR;s can be converted into 16. Is that done by just copying the first 2 and last 2 channels and add them to each end? Tony F
  15. I previously was using CCR controllers for a 12 CCR tree The ID setting for those 12 controllers were 2 through OD. If I set the 16d Controller to ID 2 it will automatically populate through Unit ID 11 and so if I do not use the last 4 channels and want to then use my old CCR controllers elsewhere then the it would start the first CCR with unit ID 12. Is that correct? Once the controller is mapped and it is correctly set up in the sequence editor can I simply cut and paste my old ccr sequences into the first 12 unit id's of the 16d pixie in sequence editor or do the sequence
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