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  1. I purchased 2 - 50W floods in the summer sale. I went to try them out & only 1 works. I can see 1 of them in the HU. I haven't contacted LOR yet. I've connected each one separately but HU can only see the one. Now for the interesting bit. When I plug in the one that the HU cannot see it starts to cycle RGBW over & over. This behavior is similar to other DMX devices I own when there is no DMX signal detected. I am reluctant to remove the back cover, to reset it, as it states in the manual that the flood might not be waterproof after doing so. So I guess my questions are: Is there another way to reset it without taking off the back cover? Or is there other things I can do to troubleshoot this?
  2. You can remove this. I don't know why it double posted.
  3. Is the sequence file loaded on the pi? I was trying to play the sequence right from xlights on my computer . I'm beginning to think that it's too much data to push out from the computer. It means that the beaglebone has to receive all that data & then send it to the appropriate p10 panel.
  4. Ebuechner & caniac what are you using to drive the p10's ? I've had my p10 matrix ( 8 x 4 ) built for 2 years. I'm not happy with the performance so I've never put it out. Slow moving objects & static pictures display fine but anything with speed just causes major lag or it just skips it. I have a beaglebone black driving them & have used xlights & LOR, both with the same results.
  5. I read on DIYC that the manufacture of HDPE that MMC sells is Hudson. I posted the link on the first page of the thread post #10 I think.
  6. Now that you point it out, they are almost identical except the Pixlite 16 has a standard wired DMX output. I should of seen that, considering I have a Pixlite16.
  7. It use to be that LOR did not offer a smart pixel controller other than for there own products. Sandevice was one of the first to offer a reasonably priced controller. Thats why you see a lot of users with them. Their pricing was higher for comparable products as well. Now with LOR's introduction of the Pixcon16 the pricing is more in line with other controllers on the market. From what I've read about the Pixcon 16 you are not locked to LOR at all. It's like other E1.31 controllers & can be used with other software.
  8. I've heard that Mcmaster carr's shipping is exorbitantly high as well. It would be worth it for anyone close to McMaster or Hudson to pick it up. I picked mine up from Mcmaster in Aurora Ohio. Knowing the price difference now, I should of went to Hudson.
  9. HDPE is fairly rigid and because it's usually coiled when you receive it, it likes to stay that shape. I needed some pieces to be strait so I first had to slide a pipe inside the HDPE & left it in the sun to try to take the bend out of it. Archer if shipping is to high your propabaly close enough to them to drive there & pick it up. You'd need a truck though. The coil I got was 5 feet in diameter.
  10. I believe McMaster Carr buy's their HDPE from Hudson . I heard that if you buy direct from them you need to purchase 150 feet min.
  11. I have 2 leaping arches ( Matt Johnsons design ) & 3 Firesticks. All 5 items have the same length pixel strips ( 60 LED's/meter, 3 meters long ) controlled with one pixlite16. No power injection but you can see a very slight color shift at the end of a couple of the strips, only with the white color. So I didn't bother to inject any power.
  12. I buy all my zip ties HERE . Great prices
  13. I think the 400' that you saw was for either the DMX outputs or for the differential daughter board. There can be many different things to troubleshoot. A couple of questions first. Which pixel type were you using? Some pixels can handle longer data runs. You might need to put a second null pixel so that there 10' apart What is the voltage of the pixel? 5v or 12v . You will get longer distances with 12V Where is the power coming from? Is the power coming from the controller or do you have power close to the wreath? If it's from the controller What is the wire gauge of the cable? You would have to take into consideration voltage drop. Based on one pixel that Ray Wu sells. 1 pixel consumes .72W X 100 pixels = 72W / 12V = 6A Now if you take that info & put it into a voltage drop calculator ( I'm also basing this on 20 gauge wire which is the standard ). You would get a drop of 30.5% Or to say that at the end of your 30' you would only have 8.34V
  14. I think the problem is when xlights converts the sequence to LOR it saves it as individual channels. It's easy to fix. All you have to do is right click on the first channel in your converted LOR sequence ( where the name is ) and select convert to RGB channel. When the window pops up you will see a box to convert however many pixels you have on your arches.
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