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  1. I know it is a long shot...but hoping someone out there has one or two they would be willing to part with! I have a very specific use case for mine...and the controller finally bit the dust...and of course they are now discontinued! Let me know!!! To be clear, it is this unit: http://store.lightorama.com/cocofl2flhe1.html
  2. If I lived near NJ and as long as we could mutually agree to NOT sequence WiW...then I would consider it! ;-)
  3. Jim - I replied to your direct email but am reposting here as well: you are correct, you have to build a playlist and within said playlist you have items...in this case you sprinkle in at least one or more "random tracks" where it prompts you for the file directory to randomly pull from...you can also add in bumpers or other drops into your playlist as well of course...then just have Zara repeat the playlist... LIke we said, you could play with the DTMF tones, but honestly its more trouble than it is worth since we all know, generally to the second, when our shows start and stop...just ha
  4. I built one using 30 RGB ribbons last year using the Monkhouse "packing/straping strips" method. I also used their JUMPole design with an EMT base along which the ribbons are anchored...this allows for dynamic leveling even on uneven ground and easy crank up and down installation... For picts of us building the pole, mounting the ribbons, even programming as well as picts and vids, you can check out our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/doddfamilyholidays. For a snippet of how it looks in action, this was taken by a visitor just using their phone: (love the last 10 secs...I used those
  5. I'd love a copy as well! Please let me know how I can get it!
  6. I thought a wet sweeper was something you had to pay extra for at the gentlemens club? Then again, maybe thats just because of the sheer amount of interstitials in my wallet?!?
  7. I have a set...used them one year...they are incand NOT LED, but you could re-string them if you wanted....nice lil set...I decided after last year to not do Halloween anymore, so mine are just sitting in storage...wanna save some money and buy mine? They are in perfect condition. Used less than a week and stored in climate controlled storage since. Lemme know.
  8. 40-50 songs....2 hours almost exaclty per "show....2-3 shows a night... Too short a show and people get bored, it gets old and repetitive...I like the "come by several times a week repeat customers".... But honeslty, this is such a subjective thing that it truly is just a matter of "to each his own"....
  9. I have used Zara for more than 6 years now....My first year I tried to use the DTMF tones to start and stop the radio stream when my show was running...until I kept having false alarms where sounds/tones within the show itself were being detected and triggering the radio feed to resume (nothing like driving up and tuning into your "show" only to hear overlapped audio playing!)....so I simply created simple timings (stop the radio feed 15 secs before showtime and resume 1 minute after the last show runs at end of each night).... As far as Zara itself....I can not say enough positive things ab
  10. For my xLights setup I have 2 LOR universes and them a bunch of E131 universes setup for an RGB tree...I have TWO(2) CCRs setups as arches... All I am getting from my CCRs currently are the first 6 groups of (3) pixels when the sequence runs...basically the first third of the string only lights up... Any ideas what I need to change? Should I be running everything as DMX to my controllers? FYI: I have my CCRs as the last two units in one of the LOR universes...unit 9 and unit 14...with nothing in between to ensure that there is not channel mapping overlap. Again, anyone else e
  11. Just to be sure, go into the Media location setting and browse and re-select the associated audio file...ezpz.
  12. I have never had any issues with the LOR supportdesk....if anything, their "no questions asked", just make it right policy....and make it right fast....never ceases to amaze me.
  13. For an even more recent example...ask John Storms (aka the 2012 Gangham Style sensation house) what a seemingly innocuous lil local media report that suddenly gets picked up nationally can do to your display...They had to shut down mid season last year and although he is decorating this year, he isnt doing an official public show to music at all any more! As cool as it sounds to be "famous" and as much as well love the idea of everyone getting to enjoy the fruits our labors, it simply isnt practical for 99% of us that live in residential areas to accommodate the amount of traffic the harsh
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