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  1. I have mine inside since our winters here can close to - 40 and I have this issue
  2. the fly-back aka 'free wheel' voltage spike from a relay would be immediate. but they are common on the the collapse of any inductive load. motors. some LED's and strobes can cause the same issue. since you said the capacitors helped shows that there is something creating noise. there is another option. in the software you can change your trigger state from normally open to normally closed and use the normally closed relay contacts. this should be an easy fix and help with any noise issues since there will be a path to for any noise on your lines. also check if the lights you have are dimmable
  3. Just that they would refer to engineering. I have tried to follow up but I have not heard back from them in over 2 weeks.
  4. do you have false triggers when a relay is triggered or the button is pushed?. if you have relays that share any common connection (ground or supplied voltage) it could be a back EMF issue. try using a fly-back diode on relay coils. i typically use a 1n4007 on all relay coils. it gets installed so the anode is on the negative side and the cathode is on the positive.
  5. I have upgraded my G3-mp3 to a N4-G4-mp3 and the new controller keeps freezing. I have upgraded the firmware and still having the issue. I also get lag on my musical sequences quite often. If I use my old g3Mp3 I don't have any issues. I was going to do Two displays this year but now one is going to be put away since I don't think I ill have this resolved until after Christmas. I run a show that is set to show 3 and runs on a schedule and two songs that are set to inputs 1 and 2 and are triggered by a push button up front. I have sent a ticket to the help desk on Nov 27 but I am wondering if a
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