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  1. Found this topic and wanted to add that the Dumb RGB clipboard that works great is S$ does not work in S5. I am converting all 40 of my sequences fro S4 to S5. I decided to actually build another sequence strictly in S5 to get experience with the differences. All my sequences converted fine but building from scratch proved to be frustrating when I attemped to paste the same Papagayo clipboard files from S4 into S5. Unlike Denny, I am using Papagayo on Dumb RGB's in preparation for the LOR Singing Trees. When I dug into it I discovered that the color definition in S4, which is de
  2. Jim, To your last point I am keeping a computer with S4 and will maintain my Visualization and SS sequences in it and then copy them over to S5 to open and Copy and Paste into my S5 sequences until they get this integration fixed. All of my RGB stuff is in SS and this is the only way I can think of to minimize the frustrations. Steve
  3. Jim, As Alan stated, I basically had to rebuild the Preview from scratch. It was actually better for me because I got to do some of the fancy stuff Matt showed us at the Planet Christmas convention. Once I had my new Preview and opened a S4 sequence it converted the same way it did when I use the converted Visualizer Preview. It flagged all the empty channels I had and converted the two floods I had to RGB devices. Basically, I believe that they pulled in the old channel configuration file and marked for archive the channels that didn't match any fixtures from visualizer. I can not g
  4. Jim, I had the same problem and reported on 5.0.2. I got it to work in 5.0.6 but don't remember all the gyrations I had to go through to get everything lined up so it would work right. I am going back to recreate what I did and then will post it if you still want it.
  5. Thank you. I am one of those guys that by default, think I am stuck in the box. This certainly goes outside the box. I never would have thought about doing this. Now I am going to experiment with all the smooth effects to see just how far I can take them.
  6. Disregard, Looked at my notes from Planet Christmas and then remembered that it is either of the 360 trees with 0 folds. Sorry
  7. Could you add a 360 that doesn't go up and over or wedges? I have a Mega Tree that is all standard 100 count led's that start at the top and hang down. I have had to build it with the Tree 270 but it just doesn't look right.
  8. SCC009 Sequencer v5.0.4 Windows 10.0.14394 Toshiba Satalite S55-A Intel Core i7 3630QM @2.4 H GHz 12 GB Ram I have a gingerbread house that houses most of my 1602 Controllers. The house has dripping icicles on it and I added Icicles to the preview. I applied the Snowfall Tube bulb type and it is very cool. Problem is that they are on all the time, even though there is nothing applied to that channel. After ensuring that I did not have the controller and channel assigned twice, I selected a square bulb type and played the sequence. The gingerbread house icicles did not
  9. Thanks so much. I did like the effect it created and am glad I now know how to use it.
  10. I did not enter this as an error or bug because I don't know if S5 is supposed to work this way. In S4 and prior I would add or delete controllers, props, etc. and then update my Channel Configuration on one of my sequences and then Export it so that I could then open other sequenced and import the Channel Configuration and have the same order and groups on all my sequences. I tried to do this in S5 to no avail. After opening a sequence in S5 against my completely re-done Preview, cleaning up all the unmatched channels and arranging things the way I preferred, I exported the Channel Configu
  11. SCC08 SuperStar 5.0.4 Windows 10.0.14393 Toshiba Satalite S55-A Intel Core i7 3630QM @2.4 GHz 12 GB Ram In a new sequence I inserted a SuperStar for 3 seconds and chose Shockwave under Smooth Effects. I placed the direction arrow off the grid up in the effect layers. I tried to intentionally do that and it is not possible. It happens for all three Smooth Effects. I moved the direction arrow by placing it withiin the grid. this works but the effect changes. Is there a way to actually extend the grid view to allow this? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8v
  12. Just verified that 5.0.4 seems like the menu option has vanished. The attached screen shot show the right click menu when the array row is selected. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8vtA4uKbtKhMzZHRFk2SHgzcGs/view?usp=sharing
  13. Garage Array is a 14 x 50 CCP array/matrix that in over the garage. I use 7 LOR CCP's full length, 50 pixels per row. First row is bottom left. I have sent you the sequence. When I open this sequence in 5.0.4 I cant even find the Insert SuperStar Effect to select. It is above the Insert Toolbar Effect in 5.0.2 but is missing in 5.0.4. I will double check to verify and send a screen shot of the menu. If you have moved it I haven't been able to find it.
  14. SCC08 SuperStar 5.0.2 Windows 10.0.14393 Toshiba Satalite S55-A Intel Core i7 3630QM @2.4 GHz 12 GB Ram Inserted a short 3 second Morph in a new sequence in an array then tried to insert an SS effect on the 180 RGB Mega at 6 seconds for 4 seconds and received a SuperStar has stopped working pop-up. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8vtA4uKbtKhY2kzaEtkRmlLNjA/view?usp=sharing
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