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  1. I hate to pile on, but I too have this issue and no pixel controlling software or testers , except the LOR Listener/control panel is causing my issue. I've tried every combination I can think of and the issue only occurs with the LOR Listener running. No sequence of any kind needs to occur to see this, just fire up the LOR Control Panel. This may not be scientific or technical, but it's what I'm seeing. I do hope SOMEONE finds a solution before October, or I'll have to shelf the ton of pixels I purchased this year.
  2. I don't think the SD card has any capability to run a show as complicated as RGB Pixels.
  3. Thank you. I'll be starting new sequences soon.
  4. I can't get to dropbox from my location (work... shhhh...). Can you post a video to Vimeo or YouTube?
  5. I have 21 of the mini (2 ft) artificial trees. I removed the incandescent lights & replaced with LEDs. They look great day or night.
  6. I'm only speaking of the basement ELL. I use 5 ELLs in my show with very few issues. I have 1 in my basement "command center" I use, but just for testing..
  7. As stated line of site & high is a key. I had one on the edge of my house just out of line of sight (within inches) and it wouldn't work. However I could go to my basement and that ELL would run everything. Other side of house - no windows. Great for testing, but I doubt it would be reliable all season.
  8. This year we have done ZERO media, to include newspapers, TV, radio, or crazy Christmas web type of show finders. I even turned down ABC (Light Fight). Another new thing we did this year is in the middle of the show, I run the Closing voice-over and a boring TSO song for a couple minutes with all lights on (nothing blinks/changes/flashes). Then the second half of the show starts. This has been great at keeping traffic moving. Last night I moved traffic along a bit faster than I wanted - forgot to plug the audio in for the about 3 hours. I was away and didn't know until a friend who was w
  9. Microsoft Movie Maker is downloadable for FREE and you can splice & dice and adjust the audio with it. I've used it for all of my videos. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/get-movie-maker-download Are there better tools - YES!!! However like I said it's "Free".
  10. By HOA rules we are "not allowed" to put our lights up before December 1st. However, as I said our HOA President is a light nut too, so... it's an un-enforced rule. Would be a show killer if enforced.
  11. If adding multiple GFCI's on a line, be sure they are wired correctly. They are not wired the same as if you have 1 GFCI and a regular receptacle down the line from it. They need to be connected to the LINE, not the LOAD. If you take an existing receptacle that's protected by a CFGI further up that line, and simply replace it with a 2nd GFCI, you will have pops all of the time. Take your 1st GFCI and change the LOAD wire and add it to your LINE. Then you can add the 2nd GFCI.
  12. Seems to be contagious this year. I got a call last night from my HOA. A neighbor, we'll call "Ebenezer" had complained. The short of it is the HOA & local sheriff have no issues. I was also told the HOA could change the rules against me, but... since our HOA President has the 2nd largest display in my sub-division, that's likely to never happen. By the end of the call the HOA board member was making arrangements to bring her kids to my show.
  13. On the back of the the No Parking signs print (on side facing his house) the phone numbers of local Realtors.
  14. If you are using wire-frames & incandescent, they are a pain. After switching to LED, I have had no issues with mine. I did limit the issue while using incandescents by coating the metal prongs (that go into the ground) with either a rubber dip or spraying with that stuff they sell to seal gutters. May be the same stuff in a different form. The other part of your question, Yes, if the non GFCI outlet is in parallel - further down the wire from a GFCI outlet. The one GFCI protects both.
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