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  1. Alan, I'm ready to build a couple of blade spinners for next Christmas and have a question. I went to Home Depot and looked at the Coroplast. It doesn't look real sturdy so obviously the frame is important. Can you give a few more details on the frame and give your experience over the last few years as to how well it held up? Did you end up drilling some wholes so the wind could get through? If you had to do it over again would you change anything? Thanks for the great post.
  2. Never got an e-mail, again. Strange, I've gotten them for 10 years in a row and now nothing. Well, obviously I know about it so I'll be buying tomorrow assuming the pixel trees go on sale.
  3. So I was one of the people who did not get the e-mail about the Spring sale. I'm not sure if I believe LOR's explanation about spam filters because I have received notices for the last ten years, but that is water under the bridge. Now I want to make sure I don't miss the Summer sale. I have turned off all spam filters on my sever and boy do I get a lot of spam now. I would like to ask a favor of my fellow forum readers. When the e-mail about the Summer sale comes, could one (not everyone) post something indicating when it is. That way, people who fail to get the e-mail, for what
  4. thanks. that's what I thought but it nice to here from the expert.
  5. Brian (or anyone else who knows), I have a question about merging intensity files and I think an example of what I am doing will explain my question. I have a 12 string cosmic tree, a 16 string pixel tree and everything else. I program everything else in the Sequence Editor which creates an LMS file. I have two separate SuperStar sequences: one for the cosmic tree and one for the pixel tree. This creates two SUP files. I use SuperStar to export two intensity files selecting the option to Add Intensity Data to new sequence. This creates a LMS file (which I ignore) and an LID file. I
  6. I bought several pixel trees and have been testing my sequences. These trees have 16 string of 25 pixels each. These trees are designed to be seen from 360 degrees and they do look great from any direction you are standing. However, in my case (as probably in most people's case), my audience will all be in the front of the trees. So I decided to try reversing the six strings in the back so they pointed to the front. This really worked nicely. I was afraid I might loose some of the 3D affect but that did not happen. Now when I have morphs that go around the tree you really see them go ar
  7. As I stated earlier, I misstyped. The actual voltage was 120 not 102.
  8. sorry about my typing. the voltage is 120.8 not 102.8
  9. Jim, I thought about that and used a receptacle tester on the outlet and it said everything was fine. The voltage reads 102.8 but that is not to say that it can't have a spike. As far as rain is concerned, we did have a lot during one three week period but very little during the other (these tests occurred in April and May). No lighting in the area. The outdoor outlet has very seldom been used. I want to switch to the circuit that I normally use for my lights (I have a 50 amp subpanel in my garage) but I really don't look forward to blowing another one if that isn't the problem.
  10. During the winter sale I bought three of the pixel trees. I put one together and put it on a plywood base so I could test it inside my lanai which has pavers. During the Christmas season I plan to move them to the lawn and use the stakes that came with them. I created several sequences and began testing. After three weeks of testing the lights stopped working. I determined that the power supply was bad. It was not putting out 5.0 VDC but rather was oscillating between 0 and 0.3 VDC. I contacted LOR and they immediately sent a RMA so I could replace it. Not wanting to wait for the r
  11. I currently have 14 CTB16PC controllers that I sequence using the sequence editor and a 12 ribbon CCR tree that I use Superstar to sequence. I plan on getting a pixel tree next year and wonder if I should use the pixel editor or Superstar to sequence it. What do most people use? I have watched Matt's videos on the introduction to PE and it was very useful. I have created some effects and am practicing with the PE. Are there any other videos tutorials that go a little deeper into creating effects? Does anyone have some sample effects for the pixel tree that they could share. Looking
  12. If during your testing you downloaded a sequence to the second controller be sure to delete it. You want to download a sequence (that controls both controllers) to only one controller.
  13. This is the first year I have used Windows 10 for my show computer and I have an issue that others might also have. This forum has been so helpful over the years I thought I would give back with the solutions I have found. The problem is Windows 10 does automatic updates to its operating system when it wants to and this often results in a reboot of the system. Even if this reboot does not take place during the show, it leaves the PC waiting for the user to login. If you don't notice this when the next show is suppose to starts, it won't because you haven't logged in. I have three solu
  14. Thanks. I'll move them over and give it a test.
  15. This is the first year that I am using Intensity Data Files and have a question about moving files from on PC to another. I sequence on one PC and have a separate PC for my show. In the past I would move the sequence file (LMS) to the show computer and then using the sequence editor I would point to the audio file and save the sequence. This would create a new LMS file and the compressed file (LCS) which is actually the file used during the show. Now with Intensity Data files, Superstar creates an LID file that is separate from the LMS file, but somehow the sequences knows about this L
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