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  1. so...decided to update from version .18 to .34. Try to open up Sequence Editor and get the following error message: "Light O Rama is not correctly installed" *sigh*
  2. Can anyone tell me what this error means? Ran Verifier and had two of these errors: Application file has unexpected version number: [FILE]: C:\Program Files (x86)\Light-O-Rama\LORPost.exe / [EXPECTED]: / [FOUND]: Long time ago I tried downloading S5 Beta when it firwst came out. Tried opening a sequence with it but got an error..so immeaditley uninstalled it...could this be related to that? Did not uninstall completely? If so, any way to fix it?
  3. Never heard anything..still lags on mine..if and when I use LOR...
  4. You can buy RCA "Y" cables..essentially one connection into your computer headphone jack (male) but "y"'s out to two female pigtails so you can hook up more than one device (Transmitter, and amp)
  5. I believe I had already downloaded the patch..
  6. I uninstalled Windows 10 and went back to Windows 7...so far it is working, but have not downloaded all the Windows 7 updates yet...
  7. I notice the Visualizer has an Auto Save option...does the Sequencer also have that option? I couldn't find one.
  8. Reloaded 4.2.12...still lagging, so probably Windows 10 is the culprit...going back to Windows 7, see what that does.
  9. Yep, updated to WIndows 10, but it was fine until I updated to LOR 4.3.14 Acer Laptop, Aspire 7551-2531
  10. All sequences, even new ones...nothing but the Sequence Editor is running..so I guess its my computer
  11. Uninstalled and reinstalled...still happening...also running Windows 10 though that should not be an issue..
  12. Anyone else experiencing a long lag time in the Sequence Editor? Running 4.3.14 Pro. All I am doing is editing Channel Settings (IE Name, Circuit, Unit, etc.) and it is taking over 30 seconds before I can click on another channel. If I try clicking on another channel soon after I click "OK" to my edits, I get a "Sequence Editor Not Responding" message. When that message finally goes away after about 25 seconds, it still takes another 6 - 10 seconds before it actually "unfreezes"... Did not have a problem until updating to 4.3.14...
  13. Does it come with Windows 10? Don't want to buy anything new when my version works fine for me!!! LOL
  14. I'm old school...Excel 2000!! LOL Don't like the new WORD and EXCEL layouts..lol
  15. Running Windows 7...doesn't ask about any options, just opens it up in Excel...
  16. nope...everything is in one column... <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?> <channelConfig channelConfigFileVersion="14"> <channels> <channel name="Railing Minis" color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="6" circuit="1" savedIndex="0"/> <channel name="Railing 1" color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="4" circuit="1" savedIndex="1"/> <channel name="Railing 2 " color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="4" circuit="5" savedIndex="2"/> <channel name="Railing 3 " color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="4" circuit="9" savedIndex="3"/> <channel name="Railing 4 " color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="4" circuit="13" savedIndex="4"/> <channel name="Railing 5 " color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="5" circuit="1" savedIndex="5"/> <channel name="Railing 6 " color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="5" circuit="5" savedIndex="6"/> <channel name="Railing 7 " color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="5" circuit="9" savedIndex="7"/> <channel name="Railing 8 " color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="5" circuit="13" savedIndex="8"/> <channel name="Deck Minis " color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="7" circuit="13" savedIndex="9"/> <channel name="Deck 1 " color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="7" circuit="1" savedIndex="10"/> <channel name="Deck 2 " color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="7" circuit="5" savedIndex="11"/> <channel name="Deck 3 " color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="7" circuit="9" savedIndex="12"/> <channel name="Eaves Minis" color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="9" circuit="9" savedIndex="13"/> <channel name="Eaves 1" color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="8" circuit="1" savedIndex="14"/> <channel name="Eaves 2" color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="8" circuit="5" savedIndex="15"/> <channel name="Eaves 3" color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="8" circuit="9" savedIndex="16"/> <channel name="Eaves 4" color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="8" circuit="13" savedIndex="17"/> <channel name="Eaves 5" color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="9" circuit="1" savedIndex="18"/> <channel name="Eaves 6" color="255" deviceType="LOR" unit="9" circuit="5" savedIndex="19"/> <channelGroupList name="Icicle Red" savedIndex="20">
  17. Yes, that works, but I would certainly not say it is great. Now, if it put it into workable columns, like "Channel Name" , "Device Type", "Unit", "Circuit", and "Network"..then it would be GREAT"!!
  18. all my elements are Red , GREEN, Blue and White...
  19. 4 sets..One set of each color, Red, Green, Blue and White
  20. Lousy answer mike, its got nothing to do with another product other than LOR...because of this attitude people are going away from LOR..worked last year with S3... This is why Sony and Beta never lasted. Superior product over VHS, but thought they could make everything propitiery
  21. *sigh*...why not just give us the option to assign however we want...oplusr is that under the advance option... I use a SanDevice
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