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  1. Just a quick update, I was able to run my first sequence today!! WooHoo!!!
  2. OK, sorry for the delay everyone and appreciate the responses I have had significant issues with trying to set up the network, this is my first year trying to go through ethernet/cat5 and trying to use an old work computer that has its own issues. I also had to move everything, wife feels that the kitchen table is not the appropriate place for testing... That said I think I am in good shape with the Hardware test, HUGE sigh of relief! Originally with all my network issues (yes I had wifi turned off) I gave up configing the board which started me on this hardware test journe
  3. I appreciate all the replies, every little bit helps, i have been doing LOR for 10 years now, the last few have been with dumb RGB and CCR's, I am diving into pixcon/smart pixels head first and crashing. Truth is I am neither a computer network guru nor any smarts around electrical wiring. But I am eager to learn and try and keep trying until I get it right. I appreciate everyone's advice and planning on doing some more testing today. I will let you all know what i find in the next few hours. DevMike,Indi,Larryk5,UncleDan,MrP, thank you for taking the time to reply, the fact that
  4. Hi All I've been struggling for 2 days and hoping to connect with someone to assist me with my new PixCon16. After several failed attempts to send data from my computer to the pixcon board I am trying to just start with basics. I am now just trying to determine if my board and lights are good first. I have reset the factory settings on the PixCon16 board. My setup: 2 of the following power supplies (https://www.radioshack.com/products/radioshack-13-8vdc-19a-power-supply?variant=5717083653) 1 string of lights on channel 1 (http://www.aliexpress.com/item/18AWG-wire
  5. Dennis, thanks for the reply, whats confusing to me is what I was reading in Help... Just wondering what all this means, especially the Master/Slave part... Help> Visualizer > Advanced Topics > Using Cosmic Color Devises in the Visualizer CCR Options and Addressing In the real world, a CCR/CCB consists of 50 pixels or bulbs tied to a single controller. However, this may not be convenient when working in the Visualizer, so they can be handled in two different ways: Full CCR/CCB Fixtures or Master/Slave CCR/CCB. In the end, both ways will simulate the same way; the only differen
  6. Fairly new to CCR's... Here is my issue: I am NOT physically cutting or altering CCR however I would like to split it in the programming sense and having issues with getting the lights to turn on. For simplicity lets assume i have 1 CCR, which is 16 foot long. In programming I would like to control the first 6 feet of the CCR completely differently than the next 10 feet. Calculations: Have CCR identified as 50 pixels (50*3=150 lights on ribbon) 6 foot section is 19 pixels or 57 (19*3) lights 10 foot section is 31 pixels or 93 (31*3) lights Here is what I have done thus far... 1. Open Visual
  7. knew i was panicing and it was something simple.... DISABLE SHOWS,,, duh
  8. Pardon me for not searching forums first but very desperate --- One of my 10 controllers is not funtioning I plug it in - flashing read light run hardware - find the controller on network, solid red light however i am not able to turn the lights on, i plug the lights in a normal outlet and they work. I am refreshing the network in the hardware utility each time i am plugging lights into controller. Any ideas?? This was all working a few nights ago before rain started poping all my GFI's, figured this was just a water issue however now that i have disconnected everything and troubleshoot
  9. Awesome man! Great job for a first year display. Are you using speakers or an FM transmitter for the music? Now that your hooked into this crazy hobby, what are your plans for next season?
  10. No way that I know of to hide channels, not sure for LOR2. You can rearrange your channels and change your channel settings to the right controller/channel. This is what I do as my channels are not in any numeric order on my sequencing software, rather they are in an order that makes since to me when programming. Obviously my method is more error prone because I have to be really careful that I am not duplicating controller/channels and making sure they are all accounted for. I spent a lot of time coming up with my Channel Configuration but has helped decrease time of programming.
  11. awesome job man, really well done for a first year sequence. I especially like the roof!!
  12. that will be great if it is! As of right now though I am basically planning to go forward this year with the current version of LOR and save LOR 2 for next year. I too am very excited to see what all LOR2 will be capable of.
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