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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone, and thanks for the kind comments on my sequencing. This year I have 1 song that my audience will either love or hate, and 1 song that's specific to my area (Buffalo, NY). I guess if someone doesn't like the songs, I'll point them towards LOR & they can make their own display!
  2. Nothing technical here... I tend to pick more "non-traditional" songs for my display, mainly because I like a strong beat or something up-tempo. This weekend, someone commented on a Facebook status, "to be honest we've never heard most of the songs u play" (here's last year's playlist: plus, of course, Wizards In Winter)I've got 3 new songs picked out for this year, but I know 2 of them nobody has ever heard (well, someone here may have, but not anybody coming to see my lights). How do you choose what songs to sequence? Are you doing this for yourself, or for your audience? Do you include t
  3. Must have been an extension cord somewhere - after swapping out where it's plugged in, it's working (even better, all 3 controllers & 2 CCRs are up & running this weekend!) Thanks for the help, everyone! Eric
  4. When you say "bad power," do you mean something on the board / in the box, or my AC supply? I have 2 outlets in the front of my house, each is split & runs to its own 15 amp circuit (so there's 4, 15amp circuits powering my lights). I'll plug my Kill-o-watt in to get some readings on all service lines later this morning.
  5. Hi everyone, This is my 4th(?) year running LOR. Haven't touched the controllers since January when I put things away. I started setting things up for this year's display yesterday, and I have a sequence called "all on" which turns all channels on. I was testing some lights, and noticed when I plugged them into Controller 2 (of 3) they shimmered, but plugged into Controller 1 they were OK. I opened the LOR controller box and noticed the Status LED was also shimmering. The Status LED of Controllers 1 & 3 were solid. Now I mean shimmer, not flashing steadily on / off. Has anyone dealt with t
  6. After watching this crazy video I paused it to see what the light was he's using http://thingm.com/products/blinkm.html BlinkM, a smart LED that lets you do all of that without having to know any electronics engineering or programming $15 / LED, and not quite plug & play, but some of you hardcore lighting designers may enjoy this technology Eric
  7. Paul M Krupa wrote: 3 of mine are screwed right into the house, and the 2 CCR controllers are mounted to PVC poles with encouraging signs posted to them I also have security cameras keeping an eye on things. What I've found is the biggest problem you'll have are kids. Most people don't know the value of the controllers & lights. Anyone in it to resell will go after your extension cords for the copper wire.
  8. You can control the traffic, just by adjusting your show schedule. This year, I played a song, then kept all of the lights on for 30 seconds, then moved onto the next song. Cars were in & out in under 5 minutes! So, I dropped the "all-on" phase, and they stuck around for 10-15 minutes. Also, if you have too much traffic, just play 2-3 songs, then repeat. Do a different show every-other night. I have no experience with HOAs, but I do call my local police and tell them when we're doing opening night, because we have a lot of people show up (I think there were 150 or so in 2011).
  9. You can also request one whenever you move http://www.lowes.com/cd_Coupon+Registration_253641591_ Definition of "moving" is subjective
  10. George Simmons wrote: Thanks - I'm very happy to hear that, as I'm running a DC-MP3 and didn't want to set-up a computer in my basement.
  11. As magically as it wasn't working, it fixed itself. I noticed some funky things with the CCRs, and am thinking either: - I have a macro channel on, and don't know it (so I'll go through my sequences & turn them all off) - I have to put the CCRs on a different network, as they get excited being on the same network as the 48 other channels But when I was watching the show towards the end of the season, I didn't notice the red pixel problem.
  12. One of my improvements for next year is new security cameras. Today, http://www.woot.com/ has Zmodo 8 Channel Surveillance System with 8 Weatherproof IR Cameras for $169.99 + $5 shipping. You have to add your own drive for recording, and it's not a set of HD cameras, but like they say, "Best security system on the market? Depends who you ask. Best security system at this price? Now you’re getting it."
  13. Now I'm looking at something like this: http://www.affordableled.com/scrolling-sign/all-scrolling-sign/ns-500rg2-tri-color-programmable-led-message-sign.html Ideally, I could find one that could accept commands via the Windows shell, then I can let Light-o-rama send commands to it (of course, that would move me off of my DC-MP3, but probably worth it)
  14. I unstake the lights from the ground, wrap some bungee cords around them so they're held close to the center pole, remove the guy wires, lift the PVC off of the 6' metal bar that runs up it (2' in the ground, 4' above ground) and put it in the rafters of the garage.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm thinking for 2012 to make a new sign, and I'm leaning towards either a projected one (projected behind, onto a screen in a window, but I'm running out of windows) or a flat-screen monitor (attached to the house (under the porch) and covered with plexi-glass). This way I can change the info on the sign (show times, FM station), have it flip during the show (to promote my Facebook or FourSquare page), etc. ANY suggestions? Maybe it would end up similar to how some of you incorporate video in your display? I already have a virtual Santa, taking up the big window.
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