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  1. Thank you, Orville, I am going to give it a shot. I was able to reset the controller itself by doing the power off, switches to 0, power on, power off, switch back to setting (01 for me) and power on. That got my controller working with the PC input again. I'm going to try the jumper trick ... there is a reset button on the MP3 director itself but it didn't help last night. Out of desperation to get some lights on I tried setting in stand alone mode but it wouldn't let me which seems kind of weird. It kept downloading but failed. HWU doesn't see the MP3 director at all but fingers crossed on t
  2. That was my initial thought until I couldn't get my laptop to see the controllers, either. It's the strangest thing I have seen so far with the setup but it's raining tonight so I won't troubleshoot. All was hooked through the laptop at first and I had the first 32 channels on at 100%. Left it on that night for several hours with the laptop and then shut down before I went to bed. Then went through the whole SD card thing ... now that I'm thinking about it, i didn't reboot the controller. Have to figure that out on the old one.
  3. Ok folks, I have had my first two controllers for several year - old commercial hardware. One of them has the DC MP3 in it, and I have used it for years to run my shows with the old 512 MB card that came with it. First problem this year came with not finding my SD card when I was setting up. I don't know how big of a card the system can handle, and the smallest I could find was 8GB. Got my main box hooked up to a new 1602Wg3 - no trouble with two of them last year. Hooked my laptop up and tested connections on those two while I configured lights. Decided to call it day, downloaded to my new SD
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