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  1. I have 3 CTB16PC controllers and 1 CTB04-PC controllers. Both of these were purchased assembled by LOR (1 is from Wow Lights) last season. They ran my show last year with no problems at all and are in great working order. I labeled the output pigtails on the 16 channel controllers (the 4 channel controllers comes labeled from LOR). I did hand write the controller number in Sharpie on the inside of the 3 PC controllers. I am only getting rid of these because I am doing a full pixel display in 2019. Looking for $200 each for the PC controllers which will include shipping anywhere in the US. Looking for $135 for the 4 channel controller which will include shipping anywhere in the US. I have photos if you are interested in them but the forum doesn't allow large files sizes without some work. If you are interested, please let me know.
  2. I am looking to sell a few LOR Pixie products I have. These were all used for one season (2018) and worked flawlessly. There is no damage to any of them and all come with the jacks to plug into the controller. The Cosmic Color Controller II is in a green case. The assembled controller is from LOR directly. Has a Pixie8, 12v 12.5amp Meanwell power supply, LOR pigtails, waterproof enclosure and a 6ft 3 prong cord.Cosmic Color Controller II - $100.00Assembled Pixie 8 Controller - $ $150.00 I have photos available if you would like them.These will fit in a medium flat rate box and these are shipping out of NJ.Thanks for looking!
  3. Is there a chance I could get a copy? gsrenna@optonline.net Thanks!
  4. It's on the firmware page. It adds things like reverse string control and a whole bunch of other features. http://www1.lightorama.com/firmware-updates/ I don't have any controllers readily available to connect but there was an update. You do need S5 in order to use the features.
  5. Thanks everyone, that's what I thought. I had updated my Pixie8 firmware to 1.04 and got more control of the controller but wanted to confirm. Thanks again!
  6. On the Pixie16, can you assign different pixel amounts per port? For example, on one of my boards I have 10 ports that are going to have 85 pixels on them but the remaining 6 ports are going to have 25 pixels on them. Can that be assigned in the HU?
  7. Thanks Matt! Exactly what I was looking for.
  8. Is there a feature in S5 where you can apply RGB effects across the entire house? For example, the pinwheel effect to be centered in the display and played across all RGB elements? Thanks!
  9. Any idea when the 4 port DMX bridge will be available?
  10. Yes, I was actually looking for that. I was used to it in all the previous versions but S5 doesn't have it.
  11. I need a little help here. I completed a sequence and started a new one. On the completed sequence the pixel channels and static channels are in two different "tracks." In the new sequence they are all together and can be expanded. How can I import the channel configuration from the completed sequence into the new one I created? Pictures are attached. Thanks for your help!
  12. I am sorry I should have been more specific. I am still using S4 since a majority of my display is still not pixel based. Thanks!
  13. How are people creating solid color props in the PE? For example, if I have a mini tree with red, green and clear lights on them, how would I go about creating that? Same goes for bushes that red, green and clear lights on it? Having a difficult time figuring this out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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