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  1. Or maybe it was a REALLY BIG triac that went out!
  2. Here are a couple more pictures. CTBPC http://i1283.photobu...1214_081849.jpg CTBD http://i1283.photobu...1214_081748.jpg EXT. CORD http://i1283.photobu...1214_081927.jpg
  3. Here are some pictures. ccr power supply was attached to the house.I found it hanging loke this with the cover missing. http://i1283.photobu...zpsf7dd0197.jpg Picture of the tree http://i1283.photobu...zps54ff9d9f.jpg Literally blew the bulbs out of the sockets and some of the sockets are missing completely. http://i1283.photobu...zpsff8a2b43.jpg Another picture of the pine tree gash. http://i1283.photobu...zpsdc2a01eb.jpg
  4. Thanks for all the comments and concern. It really means a lot when your down in the dumps!
  5. Thanks guys. I have called my insurance agent and he is sending a claims adjuster tomorrow. I am just really bummed out! It took me five years to build up to where I was and I was very happy with this years setup. 3 ccrs , 4 16pc's, 3 ctbd's, 2 cmb's and a lot of ext. cords and lights. They died an ugly death!(and they all stink like sh** now)
  6. We had some thunderstorms today and when I got home I expected a mess but not what I saw...... My biggest tree has been hit by lightning and ALL of my Light-O-Rama, my new computer with dual monitors, and some tv's are FRIED!!! This is just devastating, I feel sick to my stomach. Of course things could have been much worse, the house is fine and I am very thankful for that. I never thought anything like this would ever happen.
  7. Pretty wild for a Christmas tree!
  8. Just curious, how did you end up with 240V on the controller?
  9. Tonight will be go time for me. I am finishing up some things now.
  10. Another note.... make sure you go through all checks on page 21 and power up and test your board BEFORE installing the heat sinks. Once they are installed you cannot access the back side of the board.
  11. You are looking at page 19 of the steps. the reason that they say that is if you are using the low power heatsinks it is easier to go ahead and bolt the triacs to them and then solder to the board. If you are using the high power heatsinks you solder them on to the board and continue following the instructions. The reason you cannot put the high power heatsinks on before soldering is they cover most of the back side of the board. look on the very last page of the instruction book and that shows how to properly install the high power heatsinks. The instructions for installing the high power hea
  12. Yes you solder them to the circuit board and when you are done you use the thermal compound in between the triacs and the heat sinks.
  13. Hmm cutting it really close on time but, you can do it! I didn't order my first controller until late November '08 you better get moving though. Good Luck!
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