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  1. greetings to the folks that will be attending Light up Ohio this year, Displays in Motion LLC is proud to be able to promote LOR products and services. as we are a LOR partner we will be showing off new products including the Cosmic color pixels and the color cosmic floods and we will be offering LOR products for purchase at this years event, so if you are attending and are intereted in purchasing some products please feel free to contact me so we can make sure we have what you want available. email us at info@displaysinmotion.com FYI Bill Hoffman listed me as david bruce but actually it is
  2. Surfing you are correct that is the controller he is referring to, notice how it doesn't have the network jacks mounted on the controller that is because they are located on the unit I'd daughter card on the lor 1602wg3
  3. That controller is found in the LOR1602WG3 and has a header to add on an additional 16 channel daughter board the card itself will be available sometime later this year
  4. dpclardy wrote: greetings! dpclardy please email me at william@displaysinmotion.net Ill give you a great deal on two of the controllers just email me and ill get you taken care of plus ill give you free shipping
  5. The option 4's are sold. we do however have the materials to make more of the option 1's at 199.00 available. email me at william@displaysinmotion.net for more information thanks
  6. Ok so I have 5 of the Option 4's available I have been holding these for a month for a buyer that never came through. price is $229 each plus shipping, If somebody wants to buy all 5 together we will offer free shipping. they also have Cat5 network jacks built into the bottom of the enclosure so you dont have to open the box to connect your network cables. See attached pictures Attached files
  7. Yes I have some please email me william@displaysinmotion.net I may not be able to reply until the morning, the area I'm going to in does not have cellular service.
  8. ny_yankee_25 wrote: Your controller was dropped of at ups last night and you should receive it tommorow, I emailed you an updated tracking # the location of my commercial display does not have internet nor cell service so it is not until the next day until i usually get emails or phone messages, im not avoiding them. the short story gerald was that i was waiting on the grounded pigtails to be delivered from light-o-rama, that was the initial delay, then i got word on monday the 5th that my mothers condition was getting worse at the hospice she was in, so here is the "rest of the responc
  9. The AT&T tower where I am at today got struck by lighting, it's out and all I am getting is wifi calls right now. Please send an email and I will reply back promptly
  10. We still have controllers available, please keep in mind these are commercial grade at the residential prices, its really upsetting seeing how many people are being taken advantage of and bidding up to $400 for controllers on ebay. these are brand new, never used and has a one year warranty. we have them available to ship immediatly email me for more info william@displaysinmotion.net
  11. Greetings I have 2 Cosmic Color Ribbons that are available that were ordered then the customer changed product. I am offering these for $209 each plus shipping send questions to william@displaysinmotion.net
  12. we still have a few option 4's left please email william@displaysinmotion.net for any questions you have
  13. limited quantity available, Displays in Motion has extra fully assembled commercial grade controllers in metal enclosures, 12 gauge power supply cords and zip cord outputs but for an upcharge we can add grounded output cords and/or an extra power cord to bring the controller to 30amps. they come with a one year warranty from Displays in Motion and have network jacks built into the bottom of the enclosure. option 1 $199 with 15amp power cord with lamp cord output plugs option 2 $209 for 30amp with lamp cord output plugs option 3 $219 for 15amp with grounded output plugs option 4 $229 for 30
  14. All of the used controllers have been sold I continue to sell new controllers from LOR so if you need one please contact me
  15. capt1 wrote: Our pleasure no problem to help people out, thats what we are in business for. all of them will ship tomorrow afternoon. and i still have more available for anybody that is interested
  16. kit built in 2008 it is this board it has been tested and guaranteed to work properly. they have not been used since 2009 because the park im doing a commercial display at requires the metal enclosed boards
  17. Ok so now that I am fully focused on doing commercial displays I dont have time to do a display at my home anymore so I am willing to sell some of my controllers from my home display. They are the same controllers found in the 1602 series they have the high power heatsinks installed and are mounted in the coveted ritetime boxes with power switches and wired for 15amps with zip cord output plugs. If you need the controller to be wired for 30amp i will modify for $10 extra now for the disclaimer as i want everything to be clear before the sale and not any post's on the forums about not getting
  18. Bcspy wrote: bcspy i can help you out as well, email me and ill take care of you
  19. capt1 wrote: Capt1 please email me as I may have a solution to your dilemma, I am a LOR partner in the Cincinnati area and can get you some controllers without any crazy markup william@displaysinmotion.net
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